Saturday, February 27, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Contraband Cannoli (Episode 132)

Uncle Sal entered Joe's place for the weekly pinochle game. He hadn't even tipped his first bottle of Spud's to his mouth when Joe said, "Hey Sal, you see the cops nabbed another member of the Linguine organization?"

He adjusted his squash racquet cuff links and sipped his Spud's. "Izzat right?"

Joe popped a pistachio into his mouth and said, "Course it's right! Ya think I'm pullin' your leg over here?"

"Which one did they get?"

"Alessandro Lariati."

"Really? the boys in blue bagged Alessandro 'The Rope?' How'd they do that?"

"Well, ya know Alessandro was the front man for that bakery over on Saccamano Street? Cops got a tip that hot drugs were being moved out of the place. So you know the cops. They set up a stakeout. Had officers watching that place around the clock. They wanted to get a warrant to search the place, but they didn't have reasonable suspicion for that, just someone's word. Well, finally, they got something hard. They had a tip that the merchandise was moving whenever someone ordered four cannoli. They got a big break when The Rope gave the merchandise to the wrong customer. He slid a little bag of coke into the cannoli purchased by a little old lady. Imagine her surprise when she arrives home and finds drugs in her dessert. She called the cops and they brought him in for a lineup. And you'll never guess how the little old lady was able to finger him. She was able to positively identify him because of, get this, a bunny tattoo he has on his forearm, up near the elbow. You believe that?"

Uncle Sal paused with the bottle at his lips. "So it's true."

"Huh? What's true?"

"You know. That old joke people would tell: 'Does The Rope bear a bunny tat?'"

This episode featured:
Johnny Spumoni as Uncle Sal
Benino Rigatoni as Joe
Jellybean Merengue as the pistachio.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "You can't do that on stage anymore."

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