Saturday, March 6, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Bootless Bookkeepers (Episode 133)

Uncle Sal sat across from Giacomo at the Casa de Neal Mexican Restaurant. He twisted his Hirsuit Huckleberry cuff links and ordered a shot of tequila and a beer.

"Uncle Sal, you look tired."

"Boy I tell ya, it ain't easy findin' good help these days. Ya know I'm trying to get a bidness started with Seamus O'Haim, right? He and I are tryin' to put together sump'n where we manufacture and sell custom corkscrews from bits of things that we find at the dump. Well, we got our plan goin' pretty well. We're just lookin' for someone to take care of our books, y'know."

The waiter set Uncle Sal's shot and beer in front of him. Uncle Sal shot the tequila, then tossed the slice of lime over his shoulder without sucking the juice from it.

"So, we hire a guy, bright young fella Kurt Messert. He's just graduated and we figure he'll be ambitious and reasonably priced. Well, he was both of those things, but he was also on the phone alla time. I swear, we couldn't get any work outta the guy because he was always texting. So, then we figger we'll get a more experienced guy. Someone who won't screw off all day, and will actually get some work done. Well, this guy Bernard Bourse. He's a veteran. Well, I dunno if the guy got a piece of shrapnel in his brain or what was his deal. He was normal when he interviewed, but he was crazier'n two Jack Russell terriers in a dog whistle factory."

"You mean..."

"That's right. I've been through a Messert and a Bourse with O'Haim.

This episode featured:
Amerigo Esposito as Uncle Sal
Christopher "Columbus" Orban as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the slice of lime.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Night falls but don't never break."

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