Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buckeyes 37, Buffaloes 17

It's not often you can describe a 20-point victory as forgettable, but I can't really think of a better word for that game.
The Good
Well, the running game certainly looked decent. Having two runners with more than 80 yards is never a bad thing. And I like Carlos Hyde. I wouldn't mind at all if he got more carries. He certainly is better than the last guy that wore number 34. The most amazing thing about the offense today? That's easy. Two touchdown passes. Think about it. One out of every 6.5 passes for Braxton Miller was a TD pass. And Devin Smith's second TD catch was a sweet one.
The defense was soild, especially on third down. Colorado converted only three third downs the entire game. In general the defense made the Buffaloes fight for every yard and certainly had Colorado in some tight spots as far as field position. I'm as big a fan of John Simon as I was last year.
Special Teams
Jordan Hall's 90-yard kickoff return was great. It wasn't very fancy, but he left a lot of Buffaloes in his wake.
The Bad
In the first quarter the Buckeyes had a first and goal and ended up settling for a field goal. This after a turnover and a run by Carlos Hyde got them into the first and goal situation. Look, I know a freshman quarterback was starting and that the leading running back and wide receiver are suspended, but HOLY COW! Throw the ball once in a while. Think about this. Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State threw 60 passes against Texas A&M. How many games will it take for Buckeyes QBs to reach 60 pass attempts?
I'd like to see a little more pressure by the defensive line. It's true that Colorado had to fight for every yard, but I'd like to see the opposing QB being hit a little more.
The Ugly
Aside from Braxton Miller's completion percentage there isn't a whole lot to put here. I certainly hope it's not the case that the Buckeyes throw the ball infrequently because Miller's completion percentage leaves a lot to be desired.
What's this? Am I watching an Army game?
Under the Radar player of the week
In a game like this, it's hard to pick a UtR player of the game. There weren't really any critical plays in the game because the Buckeyes were always in control. Maybe it's a cop-out, but loyal reader I will leave the UtR player of the week to you. Who do you think deserves it?

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