Saturday, December 24, 2011

Uncle Sal and the Foremen of Funk (Episode 209)

Uncle Sal opened the door and saw Giacomo and his new girlfriend Delphine. Giacomo carried a bag of wrapped gifts and wore sunglasses despite the gray and the clouds. Delphine wore a Christmas sweater that was at least two sizes to small and a pair of pants so tight he wondered how she had squeezed herself into them.

"Come on in. I made some eggnog that is high-octane stuff, I'll tell you. From the looks of you, you could use a little hair of the dog. What did you two do last night?"

Giacomo removed his sunglasses and set them on the counter right next to the whole nutmeg Uncle Sal had grated for the eggnog. He poured some into two glasses, handed one to Delphine. After a quick toast to Uncle Sal for hosting, he drank about half of the eggnog in his glass. "Wow! That is high-octane! We went to Rock around the Cocktails to see this band called The Dim Tree." Giacomo took a date pinwheel from the platter of cookies on the counter. "It's this really cool country funk band. They do a funky version of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' that would make George Clinton and Charlie Daniels proud."

Uncle Sal led them to the patio to check on the salmon he was smoking.

"I've seen this band a couple times and they've always been good. The band came onstage last night and there was this female singer on stage. I recognized her from some classes at college. Her name is Cher. She was wearing a cocktail dress, five-inch heels, and bright red lipstick. Nice-looking girl. And then she started singing. She was amazing. I mean, she must be about five-two and 110 pounds, but she's got this voice that can blow the roof off a place."

Giacomo took another big drink of the eggnog and continued. So the show was going really well. Everyone was having a good time. They could have played anything and people would have danced to it. The highlight for me was when they played this song called 'The Dock Kings,' a pro-labor song by this garage band called Smokin' Guavas. It's one of those songs you never expect to hear in a club because you figure no one has ever heard of it. I have a 45 of that song, and it was great to hear it played in a different style. I was the only one singing along with that one. So yeah, we had a night of dancing, good music, and quite possibly a little too much to drink."

"Sounds like it was all worth it, especially since The Dock Kings was sung by The Dim Tree with Cher."

This episode featured:
Ewell Log Jr. as Giacomo
Noelle Wreat as Delphine
Nicolas Della Santa as Uncle Sal
Jellybean Merengue as the nutmeg.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Let's all go have some sponge cake and a little wine."

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