Saturday, April 24, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Fallacious Fisherman (Episode 140)

Uncle Sal and Giacomo stepped onto the boat and were welcomed by the owner and host of the fishing trip.

"Welcome. Welcome aboard the Grateful Phredd. I hope you guys are ready to do some serious fishing. I've been having a lot of success in the last month or so. Seems like everything has been biting: pike, bass, catfish. We should all be able to get our haul today and eat well tonight."

Uncle Sal adjusted his skipper's cap, popped his first Spud's and chatted with Fred as other guests filtered onto the boat. "Got some nice nightcrawlers there, Fred." He said as he put his hand into the bait box. He looked around the boat and said, "Looks like we gotta good group. When do we get this trip underway."

Fred said, "We're still waiting on one person, Rick. No one really wants him on the trip. He's a topper. Anything you've done, he's done better or more often. He's the worst kind of guy to have on a fishing trip. No doubt he'll try to tell you that he's caught the biggest of every kind of fish in the lake. He once told me about how he caught an 85-pound marlin. Said the thing fought him for three hours and just when he thought he couldn't fight that fish anymore, he got him on the deck. Then he told me that he wrestled that marlin into submission on the deck of the boat. Funny thing is, I never saw any photos. He doesn't have any marlin on his wall at home. But he has an explanation for that. The camera on the boat got wet and wouldn't work. And he did have the thing mounted on the wall until his wife gave it away at a garage sale."

"Sounds like he's gonna be a real drag. Nobody wants him here, how come he's coming along?"

Fred sipped a beer and said, "He's my brother-in-law. What am I gonna do? And look here he is now."

After a long pull on his bottle of Spud's, Uncle Sal shook his head and said, "Well, ain't that a Rick on the Phredd?"

This episode featured:
Marlon Gill as Uncle Sal
Lester Trout as Giacomo
Phil Salmons as Fred
Walter "Jersey" Pike as Rick
Jellybean Merengue as the bait box.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Do you realize it's snowing in my room?

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