Saturday, May 1, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Enigmatic Emblem (Episode 141)

Inside Murray's Meats, Alice took a package of Attila Lunch Meats liverwurst and said, "You know what I've never been able to understand? The company is called Attila, but the mascot on the package is a monkey."

Uncle Sal put a coupon for shark cartilage in the pocket of his western shirt and said, "That's Chester Chimp. I was actually working for Attila when we adopted the monkey as the symbol. See, there was this guy I worked with, Joel Danville. He was a wiz at advertising. He come up with more successful ad campaigns than anyone that worked there. Everyone always loved his ideas because they were generally home runs. After grabbing a sample cocktail sausage. "Well, I shouldn't say everyone. Or always. Joel's boss Craig Splechnik was always really hard on Joel. Usually fought him tooth and nail. Not that it was just Joel. Craig did that with everyone. But Danville was usually able to convince Craig somehow."

"And then there was this time that Joel had what he thought was a great idea. Said we should make a commercial with a monkey eating a sandwich with out meats. He loved the idea and he came to me all excited about it. I just looked at him and told him I didn't like it. Thought it was utter nonsense. But he was convinced that it would be memorable and that people would love it. He was ready to barge right into Craig's office with it. I wasn't so sure about it, but he wasn't gonna listen to me."

"So, what happened?"

"Well, you can see what happened. The monkey became really popular after I told him 'Run it up to Craig, Joel, and see who disputes.'"

This episode featured:
Della Monaco as Alice
Yaroslav "London" Broyles as Uncle Sal
Jellybean Merengue as the shark cartilage coupon.

Tune in next week, when Uncle Sal says, "All in favor of crumpets and tea, say 'Aye!'"

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