Saturday, May 8, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Broken Beau (Episode 142)

Uncle Sal heard the doorbell and went to the door. He opened it to find Giacomo standing there. "Giacomo, this is a surprise. I thought you were going to that New Jersey Neckwarmers show."

"I should be on my way right now."

"Hey I was just sittin' down to a dinner of crab Newburg. Made it myself. I'll dish some up for ya." He put some onto Giacomo's plate, then tucked a napkin into his burnt orange and red western shirt.

Giacomo thanked him and followed him to the table. "Like I said, I should be on my way to that show right now. It was all set up. My friend Drew Heffenzemmer and I had our tickets for months, and it was gonna be great. I mean the Neckwarmers usually play much larger venues, and here they were going to play a pretty intimate venue. It was an awesome opportunity."

Giacomo shook some seafood seasoning onto his crab and said, "But Drew. He's changed. I mean, nobody is a bigger fan of this band than he is. He not only has every studio album and every live album. He also has bootlegs of shows from gigs all over the world. He used to go out all the time. And man, would he do some crazy stuff. Real life of the party sort of guy, always the last one to leave. Or he used to be, before he started dating Loretta Foye. She's real conservative and she has told him that they can't be in a relationship if he's always going out and being crazy. She put the kibosh on this Neckwarmers show. Plus, if I call him, he hems and haws and ultimately says he's just going to stay in and watch a movie or some TV with Loretta."

Uncle Sal dabbed the corner of his mouth and said, "Well, it ain't the first time a guy changed for a woman. But I see what yer sayin'. It's a shame that a Foye tamed Drew."

This episode featured:
Steve "Whip" Smart as Uncle Sal
Mark Mullett as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the seafood seasoning.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "He thinks he's Pee Wee Herman."