Saturday, February 12, 2011

Uncle Sal and the Absconded Artist (Episode 182)

Inside Emerson's Boozer Uncle Sal had just tipped a little extra scotch from his flask into his smoky martini when Giacomo removed his phone from his pocket. At first, he laughed, then he went quiet. Uncle Sal took a big sip from his glass and said, "Whatsamatter, Giacomo? You look like you just got some bad sushi."

"You remember my old girlfriend Tricia? The one that made the Chewbacca bike?"

"Oh yeah! Nice girl. Very creative. And gorgeous."

"Well, she just sent me this message. The first thing I saw is this picture. His name is Guy Latune. I mean, just look at this guy." Giacomo handed the phone over and Uncle Sal looked at a picture of a man in a tank top with tattoos up to his neck. His hair looked like it was slicked back with about half a pound of pomade.

"Whoa! Will ya look at that guy?" Uncle Sal tossed a chipotle macadamia nut into his mouth. Emerson's didn't always make the strongest drinks, but it always had the best bar snacks.

Giacomo sipped from his Leafer Madness pint glass. "I know! I thought she was just sending me a picture of a guy she thought looks funny. But in the message, she says that's her husband. Her husband? I mean, I never thought Tricia was the type to get married, let alone to a guy who looks like that. She swears he's the best guy ever. I guess she would know better than me. But here's the capper. She said she knew the guy for six hours before they decided to head to Vegas to get married. She wrote how magical it was and that when they met, they just clicked. And now, she's living in an Airstream trailer in Wyoming. With that guy! She left her art studio behind and...Boy, I just can't believe..."

"That Trish ran away with Latune."

This episode featured:
Newsome Rimes as Uncle Sal
Arthur Diddley as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the phone.
Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "That's nonsense. I invented electricity. Ben Franklin is the devil!"

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