Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uncle Sal and the Brainstorming Bluesman (Episode 193)

Inside the Turn Your Head and Coffee Shop, Giacomo brought two large coffees to the table. Uncle Sal topped his off with a miniature bottle of rye and Giacomo tipped a little Kahlua into his. Uncle Sal took off his Sturgis 2004 trucker hat and looked at the CD Giacomo had just removed from his jacket pocket.

"Who's that?" Uncle Sal asked.

"That's my friend Tu Nguyen. They had his CD up at the counter because he plays here pretty frequently."

"Yeah, what's he play?"

"Blues. Usually he plays a six-string, but sometimes he'll play a 12-string. He plays harmonica on some of the songs too."

Uncle Sal dunked his biscotti into the coffee and took a bite.

"And just look at the song titles." Giacomo handed the jewel case to Uncle Sal.

"Broken Shoelace Blues, Soggy Corn Flake Blues, My Steering Wheel's Too Hot."

"Isn't it great? That's what he does. He writes songs about every day things like that. In fact, when he does a show now he doesn't even make up a set list. He just asks an audience member to come up with a subject and he composes a song right there on the spot. And he records every show so he can add all these songs to his CDs."

"Pretty impressive. And you say he can do this about any topic?"

"Any topic."

"Maybe I oughta go to one of his shows. I gotta idea for a song for 'im. The other day, I went out to my car and saw that I had a flat. Had it towed to Manny's garage. Manny tells me there ain't just one but two nails in the tire."

"That would be perfect. I have no doubt he could write a song about that."

"I think I'll do that. I mean, I can sit here and talk about it, but from what you're tellin' me, only Tu can lament porous tires."

This episode featured:
Smokey Jackets as Giacomo
Mississippi Jacek Antoniewiecz as Uncle Sal
Jellybean Merengue as the jewel case.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "I mean that Mendocino beano."

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