Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uncle Sal and the Prospective Parent (Episode 208)

Inside A Boy Named Sushi, Uncle Sal removed his Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball cap and slid in across from Giacomo, whose new girlfriend Lindy had just gone to the restroom. He didn't get a long look at her, but saw enough of her bustline to know that she fit Giacomo's type.

"Nice lookin' girl...what I saw of her anyway."

"Yeah, only I'm a little worried about something."

Uncle Sal flagged a waiter and ordered a large bottle of hot sake that they could share. "What's worryin' you?"

"Well, maybe it's nothing, but we were out walking the other day and we passed one of those people that will paint your name on a grain of rice."

"That don't sound like nothin' to worry about," Uncle Sal said as he picked up some chopsticks , then took a shrimp and a piece of gari and put them in his mouth.

"That in itself isn't what worries me. Lindy goes to the guy and she says she has a special request, only she doesn't want me to hear it. So she makes her request and the guy says it will take 20 minutes. I try to convince her that we should keep walking and come back. She says she's not in any hurry and that we can wait. Well, sure enough after 20 minutes, the guy hands her the grain and she puts it directly into her locket."

Giacomo sipped some sake from his cup and wiped his mouth with a linen napkin. "I asked her if she could tell me what he painted for her and she kept refusing. So one day when she was in the shower, she left her locket on the dresser, I opened it up. It didn't seem like a big deal. Then the next day she left her computer open and I could see that she was browsing baby name websites. Well, that got me to thinking and I did some research. The thing on her grain of rice is a bullfrog. And you know what the frog symbolizes? Fertility."

Uncle Sal sipped some hot sake and chased it with a Japanese beer. "Oooh. Then I guess you do have some things to be concerned about."

"I'll say. I mean, we've been dating a couple weeks and she's already looking for baby names."

"And Lindy's pendant is a frog on rice."

This episode featured:
Makhtar Denka as Uncle Sal
Tony Catecuhtli as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the gari.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Nobody makes a fool of my family without my help."

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