Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ask Uncle Sal: Marmite and hallucinogens

Dear Uncle Sal: What will the Kiwis do when there's no more Marmite? Concerned in Kalkaska

Well now, I can see why this here would be a big deal in New Zealand. From what I gather, them Kiwis like to start their day with Marmite on toast. For them, losin' Marmite is like Americans runnin' outta peanut butter or sump'n like that. I don't think there's too much to worry about though, Concerned. Way I see it, with no more Marmite, Kiwis will get their vitamin B from other Lion Red, Speights, Monteith's, etc.

Dear Uncle Sal, are there any videos from the 80s that weren't made under the influence of hallucinogenics? Ozoned in Okoboji

Ozoned, I can't say I seen every video ever made in the 80s, but I see what yer gettin' at. A lot of them videos is pretty trippy and I have no doubt that a lot of the folks involved in makin' them videos was so high they needed a stepladder to scratch their respective backside. That bein' said, this video might not have been inspired by hallucinogenics, but I'm willin' to bet some chemicals were used in making it.

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