Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ask Uncle Sal: Mitt and Without You

Yeah, I know it's been a while since the last edition. Nothin' I could do about it. I ran into a spot of trouble in Bozeman with a Filipina masseuse,
three ping pong paddles, a Croatian gymnastics coach, and a barrel of moonshine.

Dear Uncle Sal: Who wrote the 1971 pop classic "Without You"? Musically Misinformed

Well MM, this here's a good question. Of course ya coulda consulted some kinda music encyclopedia for this one, but ya know I'll give ya a better answer than some ol' dusty book. Most people think Harry Nilsson wrote it and he is the one that made it famous. But I know for a fact this song was written by jug band Lynchpin Simmons and the Fishtails. How? Cuz I was there when the Lynchpin introduced the song for the first time. It was at The Yellow Brick Roadhouse in Bentonville, Arkansas, in October, 1968. Ol' Lynchpin stood up there with his cigar-box guitar and said, "This here's a song we just wrote. We ain't never played it in front of an audience before. It's called 'Without You'. We hope you gone like it." I'll tell ya what, MM. That version was a real hot number. Then Harry Nilsson come along and made it into a pop song. I ain't sayin' it's bad, but it sure ain't the foot-stomper it was the first time I heard it.

Is Jeb Bush's endorsement of Mitt Romney a good thing for either one of them? Scrutinizing Suffragist

Let's look at this, SS. One clown endorses another clown for a position that neither one is qualified to occupy. And I ain't just sayin' that about Bush and Romney. I reckon that applies to all politicians. Ya ask me, any endorsement from a politician ain't a good thing. Think about it this way. Would you want a politician's endorsement for anything? I wouldn't. I figger that'd be the kiss of death for whatever it is I'm tryin' to accomplish. Matter of fact, if I ever did receive an endorsement from a politician, I'd show up on his doorstep and demand that he retract it immediately if not sooner.

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