Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ask Uncle Sal: Reuben and the stains

Yeah, I know it's been a while since the last edition of Ask Uncle Sal. I had a little situation in Sioux City with a Mongolian go-go dancer, an accountant, a billiard ball, and two quarts of mescal. Now onto yer questions.

How much sauerkraut is too much on a reuben? Navigating the Sandwich Islands

I'd say this depends on yer personal taste, but ya really can have too much sauerkraut on a reuben. I can't say fer sure what measurement is too much, but the thing is ya don't want the kraut to overpower the corned beef. If ya take a bite of yer sammich and ya taste sauerkraut and not much else, then I'd say ya got too much on there. Now I'm in the mood fer a nice reuben. And ya know what goes great with a reuben. Well, I find a cajun martini goes pretty well with just about anything, but when I order one of these, I like to have a witbier with it. Mmmmmm reuben and witbier.

I'm thinking of building a deck. Do I stain it or leave it raw to go gray in the sun? Deck the (Chippewa) Falls

Look here, Deck. The important question is when are ya gonna have the first kegger on yer new deck? And I should hope I'm invited. Say, that reminds me. I was at a kegger on a deck Oconomowoc one time and there's this big fella name of Tiny Armbruster. Now, Tiny could drink, which ain't surprisin' for a guy musta weighed 300 pounds. What was surprisin' was that he wanted to do a keg stand. As ya might imagine, there wasn't a whole lot of people rushin' to hold him while he did his keg stand, but finally he talked some folks into it. There he is doing a keg stand. I tell ya, someone shoulda put a timer on it. He's doing the keg stand, then all of a sudden he just erupts with this big sneeze. Not only sprayed everyone nearby with beer, but he also fell. Of course, the people holdin' him all crashed to the deck too. Brand new deck and Tiny just splintered a coupla them boards. As for yer question, I say stain it. Lettin' it go gray might be good for black and white photos, but you wanna keep that deck tip-top, you should stain it.

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