Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ask Uncle Sal: Yeats infection?

Hey Sal dude. Will teh stuf fthat womennn use foor yeats infecsion also work4 men? Poetty Mouth, parts unkown

Thanks for writing, Poetty. That's some really good typin' ya got there. I'm gonna guess that you're either under the influence of at least one substance that may or may not be legal or you're a 6-year-old that got spun around about seven times before you were placed in front of the keyboard.
Tell me, Poetty. What exactly is a Yeats infection? Some tremendous urge to read and write poetry? And what exactly do women use when they get a Yeats infection? Do they go and find some dude with a goatee and a black turtleneck who smokes French cigarettes? Me, I don't have much use for poetry 'less it comes from Duffy Lamace. So I guess I don't need to worry too much about a Yeats infection. Thanks for writing, and might I suggest a remedial typing class for you.

Hey, Uncle Sal, was the best jug band to come out of Lima, Montana, Lynchpin Simmons and the Fishtails or Dualie Ferguson and the Mudflaps? Jug Lover, Orange County, CA

Hey, Jug Lover. I guess you and I have sump'n in common. I love me some jugs too. Lynchpin Simmons could really do a number on them spoons and the cigar-box guitar. Dualie Ferguson is flat out one of the best gutbucket bass players I ever seen. And his song "Baby, Why Don't You Blow on My Jug" was a great one. But for my money, the best jug band outta Lima was Grease Spot McGee and the Oil Slicks.

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