Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ask Uncle Sal: motor oil and housewives

I don't want to give anyone ideas with the title of this one. I ain't proposin' some sort of new sexual warmup. Those just happen to be the two topics covered in this edition.

Holy crap, Uncle Sal! I wasn't talking about my woman. Sheila is my motorbike. I just wanted to know a good motor oil. What gave you the idea I was talking about a woman? Yearning in Yakutat

Yearning, ya mighta told me before that Sheila was a motorbike. Ya think I like researchin' lubes? Never mind that! Ya know how many showers I had to take after asking Sven Hungus to answer yer question. that guy has more robes than any one guy has a right to. And I never seen so many oils outside a Philippine massage parlor (I tell ya, if ya ever get the chance, try one of them massage you'll ever have.) And what gave me the idea Sheila is a woman? Ya called her Sheila. That's a chick's name, ya doofus! Plus, all that stuff in yer letter gave me no reason to suspect ya were talkin' about a bike. Now ya got me all worked up. Hang on.
OK, a belt of whiskey is just what I needed there. Now, onto yer question. Ya want a good oil for Sheila? Try AMSOIL Synthetic. I reckon it's as good an oil as ya can find for Sheila.

Uncle Sal, what is the deal with all these Real Housewives shows? I swear my girl was just watching The Real Housewives of Las Cruces. Reality (TV) Bites

Imagine a little person on this.
I gotta be honest with ya, Reality. I have no idea what is so charming about these shows. Seems like every one of 'em (and I ain't seen more'n a minute of any one) is about six women who are supposedly friends but snipe at each other alla time. From what I seen, ya can almost hear these chicks getting coached on the "real" set of the show. I can't even imagine why people find this entertaining. Me, I'd rather go to sump'n like an event I once saw in Casper, Wyoming, where a midget...ermm...little person jumped a pocket rocket motorcycle over four Buick Centurys through a flaming hoop and into a pool filled with whipped cream. But maybe that's just me. Apparently, a lot more folks is entertained by a bunch of women cussin' at each other than little people on little bikes. I got no explanation for it, but like they said in Raising Arizona:
"It's a crazy world."
"Someone oughta sell tickets."
Tell ya what, if someone does sell tickets, I want the beer concession.

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