Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trojans 35, Buckeyes 3

I hate doing these when Ohio State does what it did tonight. Nonetheless, I will move onward and provide my insights. In fact, as I write this, I don't know if the game is officially over. But I didn't need to see the end of that stinker to write about it.

The Good
This is real simple. The Buckeyes first field goal drive, and the TD drive that was nullified due to some "penalty" were good. Chimdi Chekwa's interception was good.

Everything (and yes, I mean everything) else goes into the bad or the ugly. Take your pick. The offensive line stunk. The defensive line stunk. The officiating was horrible at best. Anderson Russell got posterized on 2 different TD plays. What it boils down to is this. (And I know that most sports media guys aren't willing to put this label on college kids.) This Ohio State team has NO heart. There are a lot of seniors on this team, but no leaders. You want to know the secret to beating this Buckeyes team? Just get a lead on them and they will go all armadillo on you. Really. It's that simple. I imagine this was the first of at least three losses for the Buckeyes this year. I think they will also get shellacked by Wisconsin and Penn State. Great job, Buckeyes. Way to make yourselves the least watchable team in the FBS.

Under the Radar Player of the Game
You might think I'd have a hard time finiding a UtR player of this game. You'd be wrong. Nothing was more under the radar than the Buckeyes desire to actually play football. So the Buckeyes total lack of heart is the UtR player of the game. Well done.


Sean Filmore said...

Yeah, i would say it was an uninspired effort. The frustrating thing is not losing @ USC, @ LSU or even to Florida, it's the way they are losing. We are better than what we show. It's not a speed thing. It's an execution and philosophy thing that needs to change. Maybe some new coordinators to breathe some fresh blood and ideas into this program. I guess you ride the good with the bad. The one bright spot is barring injury or police run-ins, Terrelle Pryor is gonig to be a superstar. 2010, with our changing recruiting philosphy from 2007 on and Michigan/PSU at home, we are going to be amazing and more similiar to the elite level we have been losing to. I'll settle for 10-2, 11-1, a Big 10 title, Michigan stomping and an Rose Bowl as a successful season.

Gone with the Schwind said...

It is frustrating. If your opponent's best beats your best, there is nothing to be ashamed of. If your opponent gives his best, and you give nothing, that is something to be ashamed of. Generally, I think the Buckeyes are better than they have shown in these last 3 blowout losses. I just wish they'd shown it on the field.