Sunday, September 14, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Chewbacca Cycle (Episode 58)

Uncle Sal and Alice arrived at the Shooting Gallery where Giacomo's new girlfriend Tricia developed and displayed her photos. They stepped inside and Uncle Sal removed his cadmium yellow porkpie hat.

Giacomo said, "Thanks for coming down here. Trish just went out to get something to eat, but I'll show you around." He led them around the studio pointing out different photographs. This is one she just took of me last weekend. The photo showed Giacomo alone on the beach, looking out at the ocean. It looked like it could have been an album cover for some band.

"And this is the dark room. This is where she develops all her photos."

"Whattinna heck is that?" Uncle Sal pointed to the brown bicycle in the corner. "Some kinda Sasquatch bike?"

"Oh that! Isn't that awesome? That's her Chewbacca bike. Trish designed and built that herself. She's kind of a Jackie-of-all-trades. So, as you can see, she's painted his face on the front. She's also got his face on the seat. Check out the detail of the painting."

Uncle Sal bent down to inspect the paint job. The bike had been painted to look like the brown fur of the Star Wars creature. "Boy, that's a heckuva job. Big Star Wars fan, is she?"

"One of the biggest. Oh yeah!" Giacomo stood up. "I love this detail." He pointed to the handlebars. Each end of the handlebars was capped with a small chrome Chewbacca head. "Next up are the pedals." Giacomo moved toward Trish's desk and removed a small paper bag. "Check this out." From the bag, he removed a chrome pedal in the shape of a hairy foot.

Uncle Sal took the pedal in his hand and looked at it. "Look at that. She do this herself?"

"She sure did."

Uncle Sal closed one eye and studied the pedal closely. "Well, I'll be. That's a fine pedal of Trish."

This episode featured:
Royal Leffingham as Uncle Sal
Beatrice Filppula as Alice
Bryant Humptulips as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the foot-shaped pedal.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "There's a beverage here!"

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