Monday, October 13, 2008

Buckeyes 16, Boilermakers 3

It sounds like I didn't miss much by not catching this game. Here is the write-up from guest blogger Nelson Slagle.
Best defensive performance and worst offensive game of season. Offense tallied 3 field goals. Jenkins blocked punt led to 7 points as
Etienne Sabino returned blocked punt 20 yards for a TD.
Pryor was 10-14 for 97 yards and ran for 27 yards on 14 carries including many sacks and scrambles. Pryor ran for 293 yards on 47 carries in first 5 games and 47 yards on 29 carries last 2 games.
Wells ran for 94 yards on 22 carries today.
Best OSU offensive stats: no turnovers and 10 yards in penalties.
OSU has been out gained 1799 yards to 1741 yards in last 6 games even though they outscored 6 opponents 127-86.
In last 21 offensive series OSU has scored one TD.
Buckeyes tallied 222 yards against the nations 108th ranked defense
that was giving up 435 yds per game.

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Sean Filmore said...

Just another game where they look a little off - the hardest part I think is you are seeing a clear spearation of the veteran guard versus the younger guys who are clearly talented but don't know how to assert themselves - although he has been criticized, this has to be one of Tressel's best jobs in terms of keeping the team together while trying to intertwine the young and old - I know the 02 class was the spark to the 02 titles and the current run of solid years, but the 08 class has the potential to be truly special - Pryor, Sabino, Thomas, Posey, Brewster, Adams, Shugarts, Williams to name a few - The future is clearly bright, as well as the present, despite some ugliness along the way...GO BUCKS!