Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nittany Lions 13, Buckeyes 6

The Good
Well, this is pretty easy. Dane Sanzenbacher. He was pretty much the bright spot on the offense. TP had decent stats, and Ray Small had two big catches late in the game. That is pretty much it.
The defensive line was pretty solid, especially Cameron Heyward and Thad Gibson. If you ask me, Gibson is the defensive MVP so far this year. He is pretty much the only one that has shown up every game.
Special Teams
AJ Trapasso had some very good punts, and Aaron Pettrey kicked the ball a couple times without giving PSU any chance to return it.

The Bad
Did the Buckeyes even have an offensive line in this game? I sure didn't notice it. Boy, Mo Wells had a good game. One reception for 3 yards, and one fumbled kick return. Also, has anyone seen Brian Hartline? Or Brian Robiskie, for that matter? OK, Robiskie had some good catches, but these guys just seem completely unable to get open this season.
Donald Washington had a less than spectacular game, with a couple pass interference penalties (even though they may not have been warranted). I'll just say it. Marcus Freeman looks lost. He seems out of position and has a hard time squaring himself up for a tackle.

The Ugly
Well, the offensive game plan falls her for sure. I think Penn State was onto the general game plan of: run left on 1st down, run middle on 2nd down, and pass on 3rd and long. Yes, I know the Buckeyes have a really good running back. And yes, I know that they want to keep the gameplan simple with a freshman QB. But for crying out loud. To try the same thing for nearly three quarters when it has had no success, that's just ridiculous.

The refs had far too much of a hand in this game. The pass interference call against Washington on PSU's touchdown drive was ludicrous. Was there contact? Sure. Was there any way the receiver was going to catch that ball? No way. And you mean to tell me the Nittany Lions didn't commit one penalty? Come on! That is the second time I have seen a game in which OSU's opponent wasn't called for a single penalty. Funny how that works out.

Of course TP's fumble falls into this category. It's particularly a shame because he had the best statistical game of his young career.

Under the Radar Player of the Game
Well, there were a lot of players under the radar in this game. I don't really have any choice but to award this to AJ Trapasso, who helped the field position battle in the first half.

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