Monday, September 21, 2009

Buckeyes win by 38, drop 2 spots in AP poll

In the new AP poll, the Buckeyes have dropped from #11 to #13. Huh? So, let me get this straight. The Buckeyes, who have been criticized for the inability to put away lesser opponents, go out and beat Toledo 38-0. And that is not enough for the team just to maintain its position in the polls? Exactly what do the Buckeyes have to do? Would it have helped if the Buckeyes won 73-0? Would that have been enough to keep them from falling in the polls?

Not to play the "everybody hates Ohio State" card, but can you imagine this happening to any other team? Georgia, for example, beat unranked Arkansas by 11. Maybe Arkansas is better than Toledo, but Georgia gave up 41 points to an unranked team and still managed to move up 2 spots from 23 to 21. North Carolina beat East Carolina by 2 touchdowns and moved up 2 spots. And for crying out loud, Houston was idle this weekend and moved up 4 spots. There are only a couple explanations for this: either Mark May had every vote in the AP poll this week, or this is all part of the International Wolverine Conspiracy.


neslagle said...

My take, Gary. OSU only dropped 5 spots last week when losing at home to USC. USC was #4 and supposely a strong team. When USC lost last week that made the OSU loss against USC look worse. Now that USC is only one spot ahead of OSU you could argue OSU should be lower.
I don't think blowouts of weak teams do much for voters.
If the Buckeyes win out they will likely be in the top 3 depending on what the other teams do.

Gone with the Schwind said...

Nelson, I understand there is a certain logic to keeping USC ahead of OSU. But: a) when was the last time the voters applied logic to the process and b) why apply that logic only to the Buckeyes? It seems to me that this is a secondary repercussion of the loss to USC.