Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trojans 18, Buckeyes 15

This is never easy after a loss. However, this one somehow seems easier to swallow. Maybe that's because I've learned to recognize the symptoms of a Buckeyes surrender. For instance, when the Buckeyes were leading 12-10 and driving down the field, I knew they would end up with a field goal attempt. Then, when USC reached midfield on the final TD drive, I knew they would score and the game would be over.
Once, just once, I would like to see a Buckeyes team play with heart for 4 quarters. You know, like it used to when it had players like Hawk and Carpenter. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Loyal reader, from now on, I want you to hold me to something. Whenever the Buckeyes play a big game, I will assume a loss. That way, if they do somehow manage to win the game, it will be a pleasant surprise to me. Do you realize what we have become? We have become Tennessee Volunteer fans. How, you ask? Well, no team is more familiar with having the season end in September than UT because that is when the Vols play the Gators.
The Good
This is easy. ALL of the good for the offense was in the 1st quarter. Clearly, you want to avoid having too much offensive success. That is why after a successful quarter, you just shut down the offense and try to manage a field goal when you can.
The defense played really well. For 53 minutes. Gibson, Homan and Rolle all had very good games.
The Bad
Pretty much everything after the 1st quarter fits here.
See The Ugly.
The Ugly
You know, for all the hype Terrelle Pryor gets, I can't say he is living up to any of it at the moment. He was more reminiscent of Stanley Jackson, than say, Vince Young. He often does not throw a very good ball. His decision on the interception was terrible. Ditto the almost fumble when he decided to pitch to a guy as he was going to the ground. Even better that the running back wasn't expecting the pitch.
I have no idea how the defense can play so well for 53 minutes and then just fold. Payday McKnight had been completely bottled up until that last TD drive. So had Spencer Pratt...erm, Matt Barkley. I mean, for crying out loud, the defense held the mighty mighty Peters...erm, Trojans to 5 yards in the 1st quarter. How then, do all the players fold so easily when the game is on the line?
Under the Radar player of the game
Well, you could make an argument that just about any player in the game was under the radar. Certainly, if we're going to award this to a player for this game, it would have to be a defensive player. So, without further ado, your Under the Radar player of the game is Thad Gibson.


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I wish Pryor had gone to Michigan

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Trane, the only problem with that is that Rich Rod would actually know how to use Pryor.