Sunday, December 6, 2009

Uncle Sal and the Crabby Contractor (Episode 120)

Uncle Sal entered Bob's Breakfast Barn just as Giacomo's friend Leonard was leaving. Uncle Sal greeted him, but got no response. When he sat down in the booth across from Giacomo, he picked an aspen leaf off of his hot air balloon sweater vest and said, "The heck's his problem. I said hello to him on his way out and he barely even looked at me."

"You know that mansion over on Fleeder Street? Belongs to Cale Awlminster? Apparently the Awlminsters are adding a home theater in the basement and Leonard got hired as the contractor."

Uncle Sal whistled. "Boy, that's a sweet deal. Workin' for a family like that must be a pretty good gig as far as money goes."

Giacomo stirred some Irish whiskey into his coffee with a James Buchanan spoon and said, "It is. The money isn't the problem. The problem is he owed this one guy a favor. This guy got him out of a real jam one time and Leonard owes him for it. Well, this guy called in his favor. He told Leonard to hire his son Duane. Now, I've met some unmotivated people in my time, but this Duane takes the cake. I mean, he makes a sloth seem like a go-getter. So, Leonard has Duane on this job, but he knows the guy won't do any work. And if Duane is actually persuaded to do something at the job site, Leonard knows he'll have to fix it. So, basically Leonard is going to be doing the job of two or three people. And even if he's getting paid really well, it won't seem that way when he's covering for this slug Duane."

Uncle Sal sipped his coffee and said, "No wonder the guy's so deep in the pits. He's going off to Cale's with a lazy Duane."

This episode featured:
Arnold Hammersmith as Uncle Sal
Bob L. Leavell as Leonard
Bubba "Lug" Wrenchizski as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the aspen leaf.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "This car sticks out like spats at an Iowa picnic."

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