Friday, December 4, 2009

Initial response to the matchup with Oregon

So, it all comes down to this. The Bucks v. the Ducks. I can't say that I'm terribly excited about the matchup. Here are some reasons why.
  • The Ducks are quick and athletic, and run multiple formations. Jeremiah Masoli is a freak. Frankly, the Buckeyes are going to need an entire month to prepare for everything Oregon can throw at them.
  • Chip Kelly actually wants the Ducks offense to score points. (Crazy, right?)
  • Jeff Maehl v Chimdi Chekwa. Enough said.
  • The Ducks run a no-huddle offense. That wouldn't be so bothersome except we all know that the Buckeyes offense will take at least one quarter off (and the Oregon offense will not), meaning that the defense will spend more time on the field. Add to that the fact that they won't be able to substitute as much as they'd like against a no-huddle offense and you've got the potential for another game that slips away in the late stages.
  • LaMichael James is probably quicker than any RB the Buckeyes have seen this year.
  • Jeremiah Masoli actually executes zone reads.

    That being said, Oregon's secondary does not look very good at all. Then again, those guys won't have to be very good, considering the Buckeyes will only throw 12 passes.

    I hope the Buckeyes make the most of their preparation time. I hope they show up in this game and prove to me that all of these concerns about the Ducks are unfounded. At first glance though, this doesn't seem like a great matchup for the scarlet and gray.

    neslagle said...

    Hi Gary
    Good analysis. I agree with most you have written. Guessing Oregon will be favored by 3.
    I will do a stat comparison next week on both offense and defense. I think it will show the Bucks defense is as much better than Oregon as Oregons offense is better than OSU.
    In that type of scenario I stick with the defense. I think the stats will show Oregon didn't play any team close to the defense of OSU, PS or Iowa except for Boise State. And OSU didn't face any offense on par with some of the PAC 10 offenses. Looks to me that the PAC 10 is all offense and no defense.
    Will know more after I break down the stats.

    bilborph said...

    I'm thinking that Tressel is going to surprise a lot of people by using a very aggressive game plan.
    No more Mr.Conservative.....

    Gone with the Schwind said...

    Nelson, you think the Ducks will be featured by only 3? I guess I'd lean more toward 5 or 6. I know the Bucks defense is really good, but will they continue to be good after the offense inevitably sputters and stalls? Hopefully the defense scores a TD or 3 because we can't count on much from the offense.
    Bill...HAHAHAHAHA! I wish I could believe that.

    Trane said...

    Heck, I figured they would have Oregon by 10 or 11