Saturday, June 26, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Marooned Mountaineers (Episode 149)

Uncle Sal and Alice greeted Giacomo and his new girlfriend Umeko, who wore a kimono tied loosely at the waist and red stiletto heels. After welcoming them into his place, Uncle Sal said, "That's quite an ensemble for goin' to see an improv comedy group. Aint'cha afraid you'll be an easy target to be brought on stage?" Without waiting for an answer, Uncle Sal went to the bar to mix some drinks.

"Uncle Sal, you remember my high school friend Didier Mauvaise?"

"Guy always wore a velvet smoking jacket?"

"That's the one. I ran into him earlier today. He just came back from Nepal."

"Nepal? The heck was he doing over there?" Uncle Sal brought the tray of Manhattans into the living room and handed one to everyone before taking his own.

Umeko said, "Actually, I would prefer a warm plum wine with a lotus blossom floating on top."

Uncle Sal raised one eyebrow and looked at her. "Well, doll. I'm fresh out of lotus blossoms."

Giacomo set his drink on the Book of Mormon that someone had brought to Uncle Sal earlier in the day. "He was going to climb Mount Everest. He had it all set up. They were in the country and they were staying at a monastery about 15 miles from the mountain. The plan was to take a Jeep to the base camp after a night at the monastery and then start the climb. Well, staying with them at the monastery was their sherpa Renzin Logba. Only, he didn't go inside. He stayed outside and slept between the llamas that were going to be carrying the stuff of Didier and his friends. Now, I don't know where this guy got the llamas, but Didier swears these things must have been half goat. In the morning when he and his friends woke up, they saw that the Jeep had been ravaged. Those llamas ate the seats, the tires, even the gearshift. So here these guys are, thousands of miles away from home, 15 miles from Everest with all their gear..."

"And half a Jeep in Logba's llamas."

This episode featured:
Enrico Carabiner as Uncle Sal
Velma Harnesse as Alice
Ernesto "Singapore" Slingz as Giacomo
Odetta "Spike" Punsch as Umeko
Jellybean Merengue as the Book of Mormon.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "The big one is staring at me and that short one is being very droll."

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