Saturday, November 6, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Beastly Boyfriend (Episode 168)

In the Karate Chophouse, when Alice and Giacomo's new girlfriend Desdemona got up to use the restroom, Uncle Sal asked, "Hey Giacomo. What happened to the girl you were with last week? You know, the chick with the brown sugar skin and the big..."

"Honey? She went back to her old boyfriend."

Uncle Sal brushed a dill sprig that had fallen off of his plate and onto his The Cavestompers! t-shirt. "That's too bad. I mean, you always pick winners, but she was so sweet too."

Giacomo sipped his Hennyville Slugger and said, "It's bad enough that she told me she's still in love with him With him."

"Who's her old boyfriend?"

"You know that cementhead Tank Duggan?"

Uncle Sal sopped up some cream sauce with a biscuit and said, "No. Should I?"

"He's in the Weevils."

"Then he can't be all bad. I mean that's a service organization does a lot of good. Always doing benefits for hospitals and things like that."

"You didn't let me finish. He's in the Weevils, but they are considering kicking him out. Seems they had a charity hockey game last week and Tank played it like it was the seventh game of the championship. He was going full-speed into guys, talking smack. All kinds of things like that. Forgot that it was a charity event. To top it all off, he ran the president of the organization face first into the boards. Broke the guy's nose and cheekbone. Of course he's not very popular with me. He's even less popular with guys in his own organization."

"Broken nose in a charity hockey game? Sounds to me like the love of Honey is the brute of all Weevils."

This episode featured:
Duncan "Toe" Blake as Uncle Sal
Freddy "Moose Jaw" Puchs as Giacomo
Genevieve "Fish" Nettes as Alice
Erica Wrinkes as Desdemona
Jellybean Merengue as the sprig of dill.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "This place is dead anyway."

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