Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buckeyes 52, Golden Gophers 10

Well loyal reader, I am back on track. I didn't post a recap last week because I was working on a deadline for a project and by the time I might have gotten around to my weekly recap, it was Monday.
The Good
I know it was Minnesota, but Boom Herron looked better than he has all year. He fought for extra yards and first downs instead of just ending up in a pile like he's done a lot this year. Terrelle Pryor for the most part looked pretty good. It's hard to argue with 18 completions on 22 attempts, plus 55 rushing yards. Even so, I can't say he had a perfect game. Devier Posey had a big game. It almost seemed like it could have been bigger because Minnesota couldn't cover him. I'm still lobbying for Sanzenbacher to get the ball more. That guy just knows how to catch the ball.
Again, it's hard to complain with the results. Adam Weber completed fewer than half of his passes. The defense not only racked up five sacks but also a touchdown. Brian Rolle is a beast. Chimdi Chekwa had a good game with an interception and a forced fumble. (I know. I can't believe I'm seeing that sentence either.) We sure did get to see a lot of defensive guys that we don't see very frequently.
Special Teams
Listing some good for the special teams? This is new too. Jordan Hall's punt return was great. I can't remember the last time we had a return even that close to a touchdown. Jon Newsome's punt block was amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a guy just block a punt as he was running by.
The Bad
It didn't take TP long to waste Jordan Hall's great punt return. There are the Buckeyes ready to add another touchdown and TP throws an interception. Isn't a junior supposed to know better than that?
Letting Minnesota score a touchdown on just four plays? Really? How do you ever let the Golden Gophers do that to you? Granted, the Gophers only got three points the rest of the game, but that was pretty shabby. Jermale Hines didn't have a great game. He had a crummy attempt at a tackle on Minnesota's touchdown. He had the facemask penalty after a play that would have forced Minnesota to punt.
Special Teams
Kick coverage still wasn't tremendous, but it wasn't great either. If Barclay is going to miss field goals, it's better that he do it in a game that the Buckeyes win by six touchdowns.
The Ugly
I can't really say there was anything ugly in this game. The closest to ugly was the defense on the first Minnesota drive.
I know an Oregon loss would help the Buckeyes, but rooting for USC? Come on, be reasonable.
Under the Radar player of the game
No one (probably since I started writing this as an e-mail to a select few) has taken more heat than Chimdi Chekwa. So, when the guy comes up big with an interception and a forced fumble, I have to recognize him. I believe that makes him the first two-time recipient this season.

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neslagle said...

Thanks Gary - my web site write up below:

OHIO STATE #14 17 7 14 52
MINNESOTA 7 0 3 0 10

The Buckeye offense was in high gear once again and the defense was lights out after Minnesota's opening 4 play 74 yard drive leading to a 52-10 victory. It was the first time the Gophers were held to less than 17 points. Special teams were special for one of the few games this year. They had a 70 yard punt return, a blocked punt for a TD and a 35 yard kickoff return. They still had trouble when kicking off giving up 38 and 26 yard returns.
Pryor had another big game going 18 for 22 for 220 yards, 2 TD's and one interception (an ugly pass to the end zone on a first down play started at the 2 yard line). His 81% completions was a season best. He also rushed 55 yards on 5 carries, 4 on scrambles and a QB sneak for a TD. Dan Herron rushed for 114 yards on 17 carries, all in the first half. It was Herron's first 100 yard game and he became the 3rd Buckeye this year to rush for 100 yards in a game.
The Buckeye defense held Gopher QB Adam Weber to 9 for 20 for 162 yards. But Weber did have 4 completions for 30 plus yards, most right down the middle of the field. However, OSU sacked Weber 5 times and forced an interception and a fumble that was returned for the games final TD.
The Buckeyes had 325 yards of offense by half time and finished with 507 yards, the 3rd most this season.
Pryor moved up to 6th nationally in pass efficiency and 2nd in the Big Ten. Stanzi of Iowa is 2nd. Big Ten now has 6 of top 23 rated QB's. Pryor moved up to 13th nationally in % completions at 67.6%, 14th in nation with 8.9 yards per attempt and 9th in nation with 20 TD passes.
Robinson, Mich leads the nation with 1287 yards rushing, La Michael James, Oregon is 2nd with 1210 yards and Cameron Newton, Auburn is 4th with 1122 yards.
Ohio State is 4th in nation allowing 13.6 points a game, 5th in nation allowing 4.1 yards per play, 2nd allowing 233.8 yards per game, 3rd in nation allowing 83.6 rushing yards a game, 5th allowing 150.2 yards passing a game, 9th in nation in time of possession, 6th in nation scoring 42.6 points a game, 18th gaining 458 total yards a game, 19th in rushing at 211.8 yards per game and 13th in nation at 1.2 turnovers a game.