Saturday, December 11, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Game of Glögg (Episode 173)

Uncle Sal opened his door for Giacomo and his new girlfriend Honey. Uncle Sal had to take a second look at her to make sure he wasn't seeing an illusion. Her proportions were enough to make Jessica Rabbit blush. She wore a top that was nearly as big as three postage stamps, and a pair of red pants that looked like they had been put on with a can of spray paint. "Heckuvan outfit for a hockey game that's gonna be played outdoors." Alice looked disapprovingly both at Honey and Sal.

Uncle Sal fixed some drinks and brought them to the living room. "So, Uncle Sal, are you going to any crazy holiday parties?"

Uncle Sal removed the shrimp tail that had fallen on his Greenland Whalefishers t-shirt and said, "Going to our holiday block party on Saturday. That's always a good time, especially with all the glögg."

Honey asked what was glogg and after explaining the spiced wine to her, Uncle Sal said, "It's gotten to be a big contest between Al Fitt and Fanishwar Biswas. Two years ago was the first time we had the block party. Fitt made a batch of glögg and it turned out to be the hit of the party. Mostly because none of us had ever tasted it before. Then last year, Biswas made up his mind that he wanted people talking about his glögg, so he made a bigger batch that lasted for a good part of the night."

Uncle Sal sipped his zombie and placed the glass on a copy of the Watchtower that someone had left on his doorstep. "Well, I talked to Biswas earlier this week. He knew he'd have to do sump'n special not only to outdo himself from last year, but also to outdo anything Fitt might try this year. Well, Biswas couldn't find a pot big enough for his glögg, so he went to some place that rents cauldrons for renaissance festivals. Got himself a cauldron for the stuff. Only what he don't know is that Fitt is gonna have the last laugh. He heard about the cauldron and found a place across the state line that rents even bigger ones."

Giacomo said, "You mean..."

"That's right. Fitt's beginning to book a pot like Biswas."

This episode featured:
Markus Muller as Uncle Sal
Lucius Vino as Giacomo
Cinnamon Roehl as Honey
Ginger Ruetz as Alice
Jellybean Merengue as the shrimp tail.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Seriously, a monkey could do your job."

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