Sunday, December 26, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Surprising Streaker (Episode 175)

In the Liberty Bull Steakhouse, Uncle Sal sat across from David Raabe. He had stopped Raabe's discussion of real estate long enough to order a leather Jack and an order of jalapeno poppers. As he gave his order to the waiter, Raabe's phone vibrated. He removed it, pushed the screen a couple times, then chuckled.

Uncle Sal shook some habanero sauce into his drink and said, "What's so funny?" He was hoping it wasn't another "funny" real estate story, although Raabe seemed incapable of talking about anything else.

"Someone just sent me a video from the Punch Bowl game that happened earlier today."

As much as Uncle Sal loved football, he couldn't stand some of the bowl games that featured two teams he didn't care about.

"There's this guy named Thanh Ho. Everyone calls him Thor. It's funny because he's such a tiny guy. I've done some business with him. Sold him some office space in Wichita. The guy makes a living buying and selling real estate. He's a real wizard. You'd never believe how much money the guy has made doing this."

Uncle Sal drained his drink and signaled for another one. He was tempted to instruct the waiter to leave the bottle at the table. The jalapeno poppers arrived and when Uncle Sal bit into one, a glob of cheese fell onto his The Wildebeests t-shirt.

"Thor is a big fan of football and he goes to every bowl game he can manage. Well, he and a bunch of friends went to the Punch Bowl and I guess the friends coaxed him into doing something outrageous. According to the message, they all chipped in, and I have to tell you how hilarious that is, because this guy needs money like a walrus needs pomade. Anyway, they all chipped in. By the end of the whole thing, these guys had pledged four grand if Ho would streak across the field at this bowl game. That's what this video is: Thanh Ho streaking across a football field. Oh, there a cop just missed him. Look at that spin move. He's amazing. You should watch this."

Uncle Sal answered, "No I shouldn't. When Thor Ho's bare, Raabe, I don't stare."

This episode featured:
Lars Striek as Uncle Sal
"Naturist" Ned Grimley as David Raabe
Jellybean Merengue as the glob of cheese.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "What else you got, Crockett and Tubby?"

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