Saturday, December 4, 2010

Uncle Sal and the Night of 'Nog (Episode 172)

Uncle Sal climbed onto the van that he and some of the other Grackles had rented for the annual holiday pub crawl.

"Boy, I gotta tell ya, Giacomo. I've been looking forward to this crawl for weeks now. Prolly my favorite thing about the holidays. I figgered we could get warmed up on the way, considering we gotta driver for the night." He reached into the pocket of his The Adolescents work shirt and removed a thermos. After a healthy sip, he passed the thermos to Giacomo.

"I know what you mean. I never want to miss this crawl."

From the back seat of the van, Mick McMichael asked, "Tell me again how this whole thing goes."

Uncle Sal put the cap on the thermos and said, "All the bars downtown make egg nog just for this event. Each one has its own different version. And they protect those recipes like you wouldn't believe. Ya stop in for a glass of egg nog at each pub, and danged if you ain't schnockered like you wouldn't believe."

Uncle Sal and Giacomo shared stories of previous years, talked football and other news. After about 15 minutes, Uncle Sal leaned toward the driver and said, "Say, pal. We gonna get moving sometime soon?"

"I would, but I've been told we're waiting for another person." He consulted his clipboard. "A guy by the name of Mick Schmedley."

Uncle Sal exhaled loudly and slumped back in his seat."

Giacomo asked, "Who's Mick Schmedley?"

"He's this guy who was a good ballplayer in high school. Once hit a home run in a high school playoff game. Any chance he gets, he lets people know about it. What kinda pitch it was, what part of the field he hit the ball to. It was clearly the best thing ever happened in his life. Never stops talking about it when he's sober. I can only imagine how much more he'll talk about it once he gets a little lit up." After another sip from his thermos, he said, "That's just great. We're all ready to go and do some serious drinkin', but we gotta wait for another Mick in the crawl.

This episode featured:
Tennessee Tippler as Uncle Sal
Stu Souse as Giacomo
Javier "Huevos" Rinteros as Mick McMichael
Ainsley Borbon as the driver
Jellybean Merengue as the thermos cap.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "I'm bailing town. This place has gotten way too hairy."

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