Saturday, March 19, 2011

Uncle Sal and the Tardy Tipplers (Episode 187)

Uncle Sal, Giacomo and Steve McCool parked the RV in the parking lot of the Grackles meeting hall, but didn't see anyone else who was supposed to join them in their trip to the beerfest at the brewery that was about 50 miles away.

Uncle Sal took a sip of rye from his UTSA flask and said, "Boy, I tell ya, I can't wait for this beerfest. I was reading about it and they're gonna have a whole tent for tasting scotch ales."

"Yeah. I read that there's going to be one beer made with macadamia nuts and chocolate. I can't say I've ever had a beer like that." Giacomo popped a piece of wintergreen gum in his mouth and started to chew."

"That does sound pretty good. Course as long as it's not some fizzy yellow beer, it sounds pretty good to me." Uncle Sal reached into the glove box, moved aside a 1973 road map of Pennsylvania, and removed a small bag of cheese crackers.

After 10 minutes, the others still hadn't arrived. "Who'd you say was gonna be drivin' us today?" Uncle Sal asked.

"Burt Van Rijn. Yeah, I mean, he doesn't drink so he's the perfect choice. All we had to do was pay for his ticket into the place."

"And who has the tickets?"

"Oh, Henry Jervis took care of all of that."

Uncle Sal took another sip of rye and said, "And he's bringing all the beer for the ride down, right? I mean, that's why we got the RV and the designated driver, right? So we could get warmed up before we even arrive at the beerfest."

"Yeah, Henry said he'd take care of the refreshments too."

Uncle Sal crumpled up the wrapper of the cheese crackers and said, "Well, I hope them guys get here soon. We'll look pretty silly sitting in the parking lot all day with no Burt, no booze, and no Jervis."

This episode featured:
Paul Anner as Uncle Sal
Porter von Lowenbrau as Giacomo
Phillippe Gueuze as Steve McCool
Jellybean Merengue as the map of Pennsylvania.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "I'm more afraid of tetanus shots than Dracula."

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