Friday, January 13, 2012

Ask Uncle Sal: Marriage and other predicaments

My brother is getting married on Saturday but can't choose between wearing his periwinkle stovetop hat or his magenta bowler. Which one is more likely to guarantee him the good loving on his wedding night? Stovetop Stuffer

You know I love my hats. I ain't sure what a stovetop hat is, but I'm gonna assume ya mean a stovepipe hat. That said, I think yer missin' the point here. If a man can't get some good lovin' on his wedding night, well, let's just say that marriage ain't gettin off to a good start. I think the real question here is what he can wear or do to get some good lovin' after the wedding. (I can't say from personal experience because I never been married, but I hear that a woman is shall I say less willing after that ring is on her finger.)
But to answer your question, I'd recommend the magenta bowler hat. The stovepipe hat is a fine article of clothing, but ain't too many women get in the mood because a guy dresses like Abe Lincoln.

Unkle Sal, I'm a viral young man o 13 livin in WV hill country. It's time to find me a womn bu my ony choises is my sisters and cuzzins and they aint maridge material. What shood I doo? Hard Up in Hoo Hoo

Boy, Hard Up, I sure got a good laugh outta yer letter. Not because of your marryin' predicament but because the name you chose sounds like the title of an adult film.
Now on to yer question. Yer a viral young man and it's your potential partners that are the problem? Prolly not from where they're standin'. Here's what I recommend for you. Take the six-mile walk to the nearest road. Then hitchhike to somewhere where you'll meet some women that ain't kin. But before you do that, pay a visit to your local doctor about that whole viral thing.

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