Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buckeyes 43, Penguins 0

Isn't it great to have college football back? I think I enjoy the return of college football a little more every year.

The Good
We certainly got to see a lot of players on the field in this game, which I thought was great. This is a talented squad and it was good to see that this season and future seasons are in very capable hands. Plus, with so many players seeing playing time, future opponents have a lot to prepare for.
, as expected, was very accurate. I wouldn't say he set the world on fire, but he did what we have come to expect from him. Beanie delivered the goods too. The guy is just an incredible back. Brian Hartline once again showed that if it's close, he can catch it. His first catch of the game was brilliant. Boeckman put the ball right where it needed to be and Hartline tracked it down. Speaking of brilliant...Terrelle Pryor is going to be very tough to defend. Ryan Pretorius looked like the return of the Nuge. It looks like the Buckeyes will have a reliable kicking game, which is always a positive. Mo Wells had some good runs when he got his hand on the ball. When your #4 running back can go for 6 yards a carry, you are doing something right. Also a promising sign was the fact that the offense didn't take many penalties.
What can you say about the defense? it allowed only 73 yards on 39 plays. Marcus Freeman had a very good game as did Jermale Hines. The running game for the Penguins was nonexistent, not that the passing game was much better. I really liked the performance by the defense.

The Bad
OK, so it's really hard to find a lot of bad things in this performance. The offense settled for far too many field goals, but the team still won by 43 points. Honestly, I don't have anything else to put here.

The Ugly
I think we all know what has to go here. Seeing Beanie go down in the third quarter, and then seeing him carted off the field must have caused all of us to hold our breath. What makes it worse is that it was such a weird play. It was hard to see when the injury might have occurred. The good news is that the Buckeyes won't need him next week, but I certainly hope this injury won't keep him out of the USC game.

Under the Radar Player of the Game
In a game like this one, it's always difficult to pick a UtR player of the game, but you know, dear reader, that I will not let you down. Lots of players got on the field and lots of players showed us some good stuff. Grant Schwartz had a couple special teams tackles. Dane Sanzenbacher had some good blocks. But I have to say the UtR player of the game is Marcus Freeman. He seemed like he was everywhere. It's hard to believe he only finished with 6 tackles.

Let's hope Beanie's foot is OK, and that the defense can keep this going.


neslagle said...

Hi Gary,
Good start to season and good write up.
Most impressed with Pryor - better then advertised. If Wells is hurt and Herron/Saine/Wells don't cut it try Pryor at back! He has more tools than all other backs - biggest and fastest. And he has moves!
Added a 2008 OSU page to my web sites. Mostly stats. Link:

Nelson Slagle

Sean Filmore said...

I'd like to see a little more red zone efficiency - 4 FG's won't cut it in LA. Plus if Beanie is hurt, the offense will have to spread it out more and get to the outside more - Could be similiar to '02 - great defense and special teams and an average offense. Highlight of the day for me was the backup kicker nailing a 54 yard FG...

Gone with the Schwind said...

Nelson, it certainly is an intriguing thought. Pryor at RB would certainly pose some matchup problems for LBs.

Sean, I couldn't agree more. Some more red zone efficiency would be nice. I was listening to ultimate armchair QB Jim Rome this morning and he (and his listeners) kind of agreed that without Beanie, the Buckeyes might as well forfeit. Granted if Beanie can't go against the Trojans, it's not good news, but the defense should keep them in every game.