Sunday, August 17, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Leering Lawyer (Episode 54)

Giacomo sat on the sofa waiting for Uncle Sal to finish getting dressed so they could go to the demolition derby. He picked up a little notebook next to Uncle Sal's ocher porkpie hat on the table. He leafed through a couple pages and called out, "What's this?"

Uncle Sal came into the living room and said, "Oh that. That's my notebook from when I was a detective."

"Looks like you were working on a case involving someone named Potter."

"Oh yeah. The Potter case. Seems there was this guy peeping into the women's dorms at ol' Cotton U. So, my partner and I brought in some people that kind of fit the description of the Peepin' Tom. One of the guys we brought in was Sylvester Potter. Real shifty sort of fella, beady eyes too close together and would never look ya inna eyes when he talked. If you were gonna sketch a peepin' Tom, he'd be a pretty good model."

Uncle Sal disappeared briefly and returned to the living room, putting his suspenders on. "Real problem came about when his mother came tot he station. A real virago, that one. She comes in, barking at me about bringing her son in as a suspect. Tole me he couldn't be no peepin' Tom because he's smart and a lawyer, and that this accusation would hurt his career. Like that's any of my concern. Ya meet some real crackpots when you work for the police, I'll tell ya."

"So, whatever happened with Sylvester Potter?"

"Well, he beat that rap, but a few years later, they hauled the guy in again for peepin'. Seems my diagnosis of him was right."

Giacomo flipped a few pages in the notebook and saw what Uncle Sal had written: Shrill Potter's son - CREEP.

This episode featured:
Bruno Babb as Uncle Sal
Blaine Bong as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the suspenders.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "I wore a mustache and parted my hair, and gave the impression that I didn't care."

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