Sunday, December 7, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Perplexed Pubkeeper (Episode 70)

Uncle Sal stopped the Dodge Dart in front of Giacomo's place. Giacomo came down the stairs and climbed into the passenger seat. "Hey Uncle Sal. Is that a Steve Grogan jersey you're wearing?"

"You bet it is. Only quarterback not named Brady to lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl. Tell me again about this place we're going to."

"The Shire? It's a traditional English pub. They have all the English ales and cuisine like bangers and mash and Yorkshire pudding. You'll love it."

"Sounds good. You know, I tried going there last week, but it was closed. I looked at the hours and it was supposed to be open. No one was there though. Doesn't seem like very good business practice to me."

"Yeah, I heard about that. I know what happened too. My friend Stinky Seger, who runs the place, told me about it." Giacomo looked down, removed an oak leaf from the bottom of his shoe, and threw it out the window. "Stinky usually opens the place. That day, he had to take his mom to the salon. So, he calls this guy Myron van Raaphorst, one of the bartenders, and leaves a message for him to go and open the place up for the regulars. At least he thought he did. He actually left the message with Myron Vandeventer, the accountant. Of course Vandeventer doesn't have a key to open the place and Stinky is surprised when he shows up to find the doors still closed."

"Sounds like Stinky has too many Myrons in The Shire."

This episode featured:
Kent Reed as Uncle Sal
Josephus Tucci as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the oak leaf.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Who own da team?

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