Sunday, February 15, 2009

Uncle Sal and the Glorious Guitar (Episode 80)

Uncle Sal removed the little sword with olives from his dirty martini and slid one of the olives off. He put it in his mouth and asked Giacomo, "So are you going to be able to make that luchadora thing in two weeks?" As Giacomo opened his mouth to answer, Uncle Sal wiped a drop of the martini that had fallen onto his Edmonton Oilers Charlie Huddy jersey.

"Man, I wish I could. But the other day, I ran into my old friend Moose Flimter. He's in a band called Belching in the Rain. Actually, I ran into him when I was at the local guitar shop. He was looking at this forty-seven LaFlamme Stegosaurus. It's a sweet guitar. I think they got the name right too. Thing feels like it weighs as much as a stegosaurus. He got it, but I'm not sure if he'll use it on stage."

Uncle Sal sipped his martini and shook his head. "Belching in the Rain? They think they're gonna get any notoriety with a name like that?"

Giacomo shrugged. "It's memorable. It's not like they decided to call the band The Ducks or something generic like that. Anyway, I was talking to Moose and he tells me his band has a show coming up at the Colosseum here in town. Gave me back stage passes for me and a guest, the whole works."

Uncle Sal responded with a shrug of his own.

"I hope you don't mind. I mean, normally, I'd love to go to the luchadora event with you. I mean, there isn't much better than masked female wrestlers. If it were any other night I'd join you..."

"Yeah, yeah. If you hadn't already made plans to see the Moose that plays the olden Steg."

This episode featured:
Frogozo as Uncle Sal
Phil Poole as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the olive sword.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "That's beautiful! What is that, velvet?"

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