Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's official: I am on the Bauserman bandwagon.

OK, I don't normally like forum guy and suggest that I know better than a coach. Furthermore, I know I am just shouting into the wind with this one, I realize that this will not be a unique opinion, but I feel like I have to put in my two cents.

I know that the backup QB is always the most popular player on the team. Except at Texas. And Oklahoma. And Penn State. And Florida, where Tim Tebow is more popular than Jesus. OK, so I got a little sidetracked there. The thing is, Terrelle Pryor is not progressing as a QB. Granted, he doesn't get to throw the ball that frequently, but can you blame Coach Tressel for that? TP regularly throws fluttering passes and makes poor decisions such as throwing into double coverage and taking sacks when he could launch the ball into the fourth row. Let's face it, the weakest part of Pryor's game is passing. How many other programs (outside of the service academies) can say that the QB's weakness is passing?

So my question is this. What do the Buckeyes have to lose by bringing in Bauserman? Pryor's confidence? How can the guy possibly have any confidence when he has shown himself to be more like Stan Jackson than Vince Young? Now is the time to do it with two very winnable games (yeah, I know, we said that about Purdue also) coming up, and with no shot whatsoever of playing for the national championship (that was kissed goodbye after the USC game). Yeah, I know. What happens to Pryor if Bauserman is installed as QB? Use his athletic ability. The guy can run like nobody's business. Make him an H-back or something. And yes, I do realize that it s hard to just change the offense in the middle of the season. But just imagine the effect on opposing defenses of seeing q QB that can actually throw the ball. Think about it this way. If Boeckman can lose the job because he was ineffective, why can't TP? Just because all through high school he had college coaches telling him his farts don't stink? There is really nothing to lose. Why not give Bauserman a chance?

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neslagle said...

Gary, I think the public is with you in starting Bauserman next game (82% agreed in preliminary pole I saw). Tress & I are the only ones left on Pryor band wagon! Neither of us like his progress either but with the tools he has I am inclined not to give up yet. Although I wouldn't hesitate to bring in Bauserman during a game if Pryor is off. (Tress won't).
Yesterday the offensive line was so bad it was hard to run or pass. 17 of 31 is not to bad for an off day. But you can't have 4 turnovers!
My web site comments follow:

Purdue a 13.5 point underdog controlled the game with the help of 5 turnovers. Pryor fumbled twice and had 2 INT. Purdue ran 83 plays to 59 for OSU and controlled the ball for 36 minutes to OSU 24.

Purdue stripped Pryor from the ball twice and threw him for 5 losses of about 40 yards. Pryor finished with 21 runs for 34 yards and a TD despite a run of 35 yards. He hit 17 of 31 passes for 221 yards with one TD pass and 2 Interceptions. The 17 completions tied a career high and 221 yards was 3rd best in his career of 17 starts.

Offensive line had a terrible day also. They allowed Pryor to get sacked 5 times, helped OSU gain 66 yards rushing, the 2nd worst showing in two seasons (worst was 61 yards vs Penn State last year) had a holding penalty on Browning to nullify Saine's 12 yard TD run. Ended up with no points on possession. And Worthington grabbed a face mask with 1:56 remaining and turned 4th and 6 to a first down, denying OSU one more possession.

Despite a bad day for Pryor and offensive line and a weak performance by the defense and 5 turnovers they were one possession from a possible tie on the road.

Streaks - ended OSU Big Ten road win streak at 16, one off of Big Ten record. Purdue was first team with 5 game losing streak to beat OSU since Wisconsin in 1987. Win stopped Purdue's streak of losses against a top 25 team at 19.

Columbus Dispatch after game ran a poll on who should be starting QB next game. Preliminary results - 82% said Bauserman. Won't happen.