Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buckeyes 33, Hoosiers 14

This edition of the weekly Buckeyes wrap up is brought to you by beef jerky, the perfect snack for those warm days when you're out in the sun.

Well, that was an interesting a way. What was interesting is that the Buckeyes looked at once dominating and fairly pedestrian.
The Good
Another game, another 30-point performance by the offense. Be honest. After the USC game, did you think this team was even capable of scoring 30 points a game, let alone scoring 30 points in 3 consecutive games? The Buckeyes ran the ball really well. It was nice to see Brandon Saine get loose like he did. He averaged more than 6.5 yards per carry. I'll take some more of that. Terrelle Pryor had a solid but certainly not spectacular game. He did a really good job of distributing the ball. When was the last time 7 different Buckeyes caught a pass in one game? Duron Carter's TD catch was awesome. Looks like he picked up some things from his old man.
The Hoosiers had only 11 first downs and 228 yards in the entire game. That means the defense is doing its job. Ross Homan had a good game. Robert Rose was pretty solid. Todd Denlinger's interception was very well done. It's pretty awesome for a defensive lineman to read the quarterback like that and then jump the route and get the interception. It was good to see Anderson Russell have a good game.
Here is another note that belongs to both the offense and defense: the Buckeyes were flagged for only 2 penalties in this game.
The Bad
The offense still settles for too many field goal attempts, made even worse in this game by the fact that Pettrey missed 2 field goal attempts. Even though Pryor had a pretty solid game passing the ball, it's not like he was racking up the yards.
The defense really only had one bad series when it allowed Tandon Doss to do more or less whatever he wanted. Still 9 quarters without surrendering a point is tremendous.
The Ugly
Some of Pryor's throws were just not very good. Luckily, he had his receivers bail him out on several occasions. Also, the kid needs to learn when to give up on a play and heave the ball out of bounds. Someone needs to teach him that 2nd and 10 is much more favorable than 2nd and 19.
Special Teams
Missing 2 field goals is not a good thing, but Pettrey's second miss was awful. It wasn't anywhere near the uprights.
Under the Radar player of the game
It's always harder to pick this when a game is never in doubt. Robert Rose deserves some consideration for registering a safety and a sack. However, part of this award is praising those who have been the object of harsh criticism in the. With that in mind, I have to give it to Anderson Russell in this contest. Against Navy, he looked lost, but in this game he had both a fumble recovery and an interception. And for that, he is worthy of the UtR player of the game.


neslagle said...

Here are my web site comments:

OSU easily defeated Indiana 33-19 to win their 15th consecutive Big Ten road game which is one off of the conference record set by Michigan in 1988-92. After the first two possessions by each team OSU led 10-0 and had 119 yards to 14 for Indiana. A TD on the last play of the game for Indiana made the game look closer then it was.

Pryor was inconsistent in his passing but threw 3 TD passes on 16 of 27 for 159 yards to a season high 8 receivers. He also threw a late 4th quarter interception. He rushed for 63 yards and a TD in 16 attempts despite two sacks of over 10 yards. In the crucial first half Pryor threw 3 TD passes and rushed for 75 yards. One of 3 TD passes was to Zach Boren, the first time a full back had a receiving TD since 2001 (Bellisari to Martin).

Brandon Saine started for injured Dan Herron and picked up 113 yards on 17 carries.

The defense played well again. They held Darius Willis to 23 yards in 11 carries after he gained 152 yards on 16 carries last week vs Michigan. Indiana rushed for 18 yards in 26 attempts.

The Buckeyes have the 2nd best winning % since 1950 at 75.5%. Oklahoma leads with a 75.7% winning %. Ohio State has held opponents to fewer than 21 points 44 times since 2006, the best among FBS teams. Ohio State is 41-3 in those games.

Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin QB, is top ranked QB in Big Ten and 17th in nation with 154.6 rating. Pryor is 52nd at 135.2 rating. Rushing yards are not figured in QB rating. Pryor is Buckeye's leading rusher with 298 yards (5.4 yards per carry including sack yardage). Saine has 294 (6 yds per carry) and Herron 233 (3.6 yards per carry).

Non conference records:
SEC 25-3 89.2%
Big East 23-7 76.7%
Big Ten 25-9 73.5%
Big 12 34-13 72.3%
Pac 12 19-8 70.4%
ACC 21-13 61.8%
WAC 16-17 48.5% (Boise St conference)

Big Ten conference appears weak but you wouldn't know it from non conference records above.
GAME 6 October 10, 2009

Gone with the Schwind said...

Wow! I knew that the Buckeyes never threw to the fullback, but I had no idea the last TD pass to a FB was in 2001. Good info as always, Nelson.