Saturday, October 31, 2009

Buckeyes 45, Aggies 0

OK, I'll just come out and say it. I never expected the Buckeyes to cover a 44-point spread. No one is more surprised than me that they did it.
The Good
Let's face it. The offense racked up more than 500 yards of offense. Even against a team as poor as New Mexico State, I didn't expect that. Speaking of things I didn't expect. I didn't expect Devier Posey to throw a TD pass. Furthermore, I didn't expect the best pass of the day to be thrown by a wide receiver. That's not merely throwing undue criticism at Terrelle Pryor. It's a fact. Just watch that throw by Posey. It is more fundamentally sound, and better placed than any throw by TP or Bauserman.
Jordan Hall looked really good running the ball. Any time you can get 9 yards a carry, you're doing something right. TP had an excellent day running the ball. Boom Herron had a pretty successful day as well. Sanzenbacher and Posey had some good catches and stats. All in all, it was a pretty good day for the offense (after the 1st quarter).
This was the 3rd shutout of the year for the Bucks defense. As if that weren't impressive enough, the D yielded only 62 total yards and 2 first downs. OK, so the competition was pretty lousy, but still, that is impressive. You'd think a team might be able to stumble into more than 2 first downs.
Special Teams
Well, the onside kick was good. And quite unexpected.
The Bad
The team sure got off to a slow start. Who would have guessed that the Buckeyes would face 3rd and 9 on 3 different occasions in the 1st quarter? The offensive gameplan at the outset was odd to say the least. It was either a 30-yard (incomplete) pass or a 1-yard run. Pryor still isn't impressing anyone with his arm. He was a very pedestrian 11 of 23 for less than 150 yards. And Bauserman really didn't look any better. But then, he looked like he was in there mostly to get some reps for Devin Barclay.
Special teams
Ummmm, well the kickoffs had good distance. But four misses, when it is possible that the next couple games could be decided by a field goal? Yikes!
The Ugly
The first quarter was pretty wretched. And it didn't take long to see why Buckeyes fans are so maddened by the play of Pryor. His first pass: a 43-yard completion that was really well done. His second pass: a flutterball heaved off of his back foot and nearly intercepted, if not for the brilliant defense of Sanzenbacher. The receivers did have some drops but TP had some very poorly thrown balls.
Under the Radar player of the game
All right, loyal reader. You may think this is a cop-out, but hey, it's my blog. In a game like this, it's really difficult to find a UtR player of the game. I have a player in mind, but I will not reveal it. Rather, I am going to ask you to include your selection for the UtR player of the game in a comment.
Hey, anyone remember when scUM was 4-0 and in the top 25?


neslagle said...


Stifling defense, inconsistent offense and a weak opponent equals the nation's leading 3rd shutout. New Mexico offense cranked out 22 yards passing on 15 attempts and 40 yards on 30 rushes and 2 first downs. OSU defense 7 NMS offense 0. 2nd time in 4 games that OSU defense outscored opponents offense. Prior to today the fewest first downs by an opponent the last 2 seasons was 5 vs Ohio Univ last year. The fewest yards was 74 yards vs Youngstown St in last season's opener.

Pryor was his usual inconsistent self but stats were poor despite two dropped interception that could have turned to TD's for NMS. Pryor finished 11 for 23 for 135 yards (43 yds on first play of game) and 1TD with no INT for only the 2nd time this season, but only played one half. He ran for 83 yards and a TD on 9 carries but appeared to be slower than usual.

OSU rushed for 310 yards by 10 runners with the leading rusher being Jordan Hall with 90 yards on 10 carries. That is the most yards rushing by OSU in the last two seasons.

ShareThis OSU has not allowed a 100 yard rusher in the last 19 games, 2nd longest streak in the nation to 27 by Alabama. If you don't think that is impressive, USC and their 'great' defense has allowed 170 yards in 18 carries to James tonight and 118 yards on 11 carries to QB Masoli and they have a quarter to go. The 'Great USC defense has given up 498 yards in 3 quarters not to mention 90 points in the last 8 quarters! The Buckeye defense has allowed 94 points all season, but only 68 in the last 8 games.

OSU has allowed fewer than 21 points 47 times since 2006, best in the nation. They are 44-3 in those games.

Victory could be costly. Pettrey injured a knee and is likely out for a while. Pryor was probably nicked a bit in the ankle, but no one is saying how serious it might be. Any injury to the leg could affect his main attribute, running next week vs Penn State.

Last week, Navy beat Wake Forest 13-10 in the rain and never attempted a pass. Woody would have loved it.

Check later for some team defensive stats.

How about the defense for UR player of game. Held NMS to two first downs in game, none in 2nd half with mostly reserves, 40 yards in 30 rushes and 22 yards in 15 pass attempts while the 'Great' USC defense gave up 498 yards to Oregon in 3 Qtrs and 613 for the game in 47-20 loss to Oregon. And OSU has allowed 94 points all season. The 'Great' USC defense allowed 96 points in last 9 quarters!

Gone with the Schwind said...

Nelson, definitely have to give it up to the defense. I had a particular defensive player in mind for the UtR player of the game, but I would have no beef giving it to the entire defense.
Pryor's inconsistency is maddening. Two nearly full seasons, and no real progress. As for the "mighty" Trojan defense, well...all I know is that the Trojans will be the best team in the country at the end of the season (every season).

Trane said...

Brian Rolle

Gone with the Schwind said...

OK, I was thinking of Doug Worthington as the UtR player of the game, but I think I have to go with Nelson and give it to the entire defense.