Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 x 7 link award

Well, yours truly has been mentioned by the good folks at 3 Guys 1 Movie in their 7 x 7 link award post. OK, so it was actually my Examiner profile that was mentioned in that post. However, when I write for Examiner (one of my many outlets), I write strictly about music. So, let's get right to it...doing it strictly by the book. And if you know me even a little you know that strictly by the book is not the way I ordinarily do things.
  1. Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you. Ummm, there are probably loads of things that people don't know about me. But here goes: I am relentlessly prompt. Or I was before I had my two kids.
  2. Link to one of the posts that best fits the following categories: most beautiful, most helpful, most popular, most controversial, most surprisingly successful piece, most underrated piece, most pride-worthy piece.
  3. Pass this on to seven other blogs.
  • Most beautiful - Well, personally I think it was a thing of beauty when I was able to twist the words of "Me and Bobby McGee" into the clincher for Episode 126 of the Uncle Sal Chronicles.
  • Most helpful - This would have to be the edition of Ask Uncle Sal entitled Erection Set.
  • Most popular and most controversial - Not everyone agreed with it, but my Examiner story "Thanks for Nothing, Morrissey" got quite a lot of reaction. That, and my piece about Utah County Swillers.
  • Most surprisingly successful piece - My recent piece about the Poxy Boggards St. Paddy's Day show did amazingly well.
  • Most underrated piece - Jeez, I have no idea.
  • Most pride-worthy piece - This has to be Episode 100 of the Uncle Sal Chronicles, not only because it was a big milestone, but also because it was the only time any episode included more than one clincher (it has three).
Passing it on to seven other blogs
  • Paddy Rock - It is what you would expect from the name: a site (complete with podcast) dedicated to Celtic punk. Lots of good show reviews, CD reviews, and bands you should get to know.
  • Bob Whitehand's World of Music - Very thorough pieces on music artists new and old.
  • Voodoo Funk - This guy has the market cornered on west African funk.
  • Meeting Boy - This guy has some pretty acerbic observations about office life.
  • This is probably pretty unexpected, but fyeahtattoos on Tumblr shows lots of cool photos of tattoos.
  • New Dad in Training - He runs half-marathons, he has a newborn at home, and he's a big Buckeyes fan.
  • If you've ever read Uncle Sal, you know I have a thing for wordplay. So does the person behind Wordplay Wonderland.

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Nice Gary and congrats, I look forward to checking out all your selections.