Saturday, November 15, 2008

Buckeyes 30, Fighting Illini 20

It may not have been the prettiest game we've ever seen, but it still goes in the W column, and that's what matters.

The Good
Beanie Wells and Terrelle Pryor both ran for more than 100 yards. Anytime you can have that in a game, you're doing something right. There were a couple plays that really stood out. It was pretty spectacular when Beanie hurdled that defender. I'm sure we'll see that highlight a lot. Brian Hartline's run on the end around was real nice. But by far, the offensive play of the game was when TP was running with the ball and pushed Brian Robiskie out of the way. That was truly awesome.
Hmmm...well, ummm...The defense did have 2 takeaways and two sacks. Ross Homan's sack was especially awesome simply because he went in there, wrapped up Juice and took him down. What was so awesome about that? Frankly, it was nice to see that a Buckeye could make a tackle. Also, the blocked punt for a safety was good to see. I'd like to see the Buckeyes go after more punts like that.

The Bad
You'd think I would put the passing game here. Wait a minute, the Buckeyes have a passing game? By the way, Michigan defenders, if I were you, I wouldn't expect the Buckeyes to run left on the first two offensive plays of the game next week.
Holy moly! The tackling in this game was terrible. The defensive line was manhandled, and it seemed like the Illini picked up 12 yards per play. OK, so it wasn't that bad. They only went for 6 yards per carry and 12 yards per completion. The Buckeyes defense gave up 455 yards to a team that has to win its last game to become bowl-eligible. Yikes!

The Ugly
See The Bad - Defense.

Under the Radar Player of the Game
This one is pretty easy, although a lot of players were definitely under the radar (yes, defensive line, I'm looking at you.) Aaron Gant gets the UtR player of the game because he blocked the punt that got the Buckeyes rolling. It's a good thing they were able to build up a 16-point lead that they could sit on.

Allow me to finish with a brief open letter to Coach Tressel.
Dear Coach Tressel,
Please, for the love of criminy, hang 50 on Michigan! And please don't grimace if the Buckeyes score late in the game to pad the margin of victory. In fact, if the Buckeyes score a late touchdown, do what Woody would have done and go for 2 points.
Gone with the Schwind


neslagle said...

Jenkins blocked punt, his 2nd of season plus 3 Int.

Pryor throws for career low 49 yards but OSU coasts to a 30-20 win. Pryor was 6 for 10 for 49 yards and one TD.
OSU rushed for 304 yards, best in 3 years, led by Wells 28-144-1 and Pryor 13-110-1. Pryor rushed for career high of 110 yards, most on 3rd and long!
Illinois gained 471 yards, most by an OSU opponent as OSU gained 353 yards.
Since opening game OSU has outscored opponents 292-97, lead in turnovers 25-12, but only lead in total yards 3154-3086.
NCAA STATS: Beanie Wells moves to 32nd in nation in rushing yardage with 957. Pryor QB efficiency rating of 152.16 would be good for 16th nationally if he qualified. Sanchez, USC 12th at 162.72. Juice next best in Big Ten at 23rd with 142.13 rating. 108 QB's have 5+ interceptions, 120 have 4+ interceptions, Pryor has 3. OSU 106th with 144.8 passing yards per game. Michigan is next to worst Big Ten Team at 105th at 148.3. OSU is 83rd in first downs per game at 17.8, 30th in 3rd down conversion at 43.8%, 38th in fewest penalty yards for season at 480, 28th in rushing offense at 187 yards per game, 43rd in scoring at 26.9 points per game. Beanie Wells has best high jump of season (see picture in left column).

Gone with the Schwind said...

Great stats, Nelson. The Buckeyes have one thing in common with the Steelers. That is, both teams seem to win in spite of themselves. I imagine we'll see a lot of running against scUM too.