Sunday, November 16, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Hotrod Hearse (Episode 67)

Giacomo steered his army green Plymouth Valiant into the parking lot of the garage where Uncle Sal was getting the Dodge Dart serviced. he saw his mechanic Manny working on a hearse with red and orange flames painted on the front quarter panels. Just as Manny removed the radiator cap, Uncle Sal said, "Boy, lookit that ride. That's really sump'n else, Manny. Reminds me of a guy I used to know, Frank Filk."

Manny set the radiator cap down and wiped his hands so he could go and ring up Uncle Sal.

Uncle Sal followed him to the register and said, "This guy, Frank Filk, he bought a hearse from some funeral home for peanuts when the funeral home went to a newer model. Well, he didn't just want a hearse. He wanted to soup the thing up and give it a cool paint job, kinda like the one yer workin' on."

Manny told Uncle Sal the total of the service done on his car and Uncle Sal continued as he removed the money from his wallet. "Filk got the idea that he didn't just want any ol' engine in there. He wanted to put a tractor engine in his new car. So he goes to this guy Hal Dow. Hal had an ol' John Deere that he didn't use any more. But the engine still worked. Well, Filk bought that engine and he took it home. You wouldn't believe the sort of modifications he had to make to get that Deere engine into his hearse. He did it though. Sure as I'm standin' here. He was all fired up and he got inside that hearse. And you know what happened when he turned the key?"

The mechanic answered with a shrug.

"Nothin'. That's what happened. Just goes to show you, ya can't make a Filk hearse out of a Dow's Deere."

This episode featured:
Gord Nipawin as Giacomo
Garrick Smeaton as Uncle Sal
Guy Ravendal as Manny
Jellybean Merengue as the radiator cap.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "The machine stole my quarter!"

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