Sunday, November 2, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Triumphant Thrower (Episode 65)

Uncle Sal's elbow nudged his carnelian cowboy hat on the console as he shifted the Dodge Dart into gear. Alice fidgeted with the tuner of the radio, trying to find a song she liked. From the back seat, Giacomo said, "Uncle Sal, tell Valeria more about this guy we're going to see."

Uncle Sal looked in the rear view mirror and said, "Guy's name is Nate Grice. He was an Olympic champion in the javelin throw. Course, he's too old for the Olympics, but now he puts on these exhibitions like we're goin' to. He'll come out and throw the javelin just like he used to. Well, maybe not just like he used to. He is fifty years old now, but he throws the javelin. Can still throw it over two hunnerd feet."

After a sip from the can of Skipper's ginger ale he held between his legs, Uncle Sal said, "I tell ya, I think Nate could still medal in the Olympics if he wanted to. Anyway, after he throws the javelin a few times, then it gets interesting. He invites audience members onto the field to see if they can throw anything farther than he can. People come with baseballs, Frisbees,
old toasters, anything they can think of. And they get a chance to compete against Nate. If they can throw sump'n farther than him, he'll refund their admission. Me, I tried it one time. I brought a carburetor from a fifty-three Mercury to one of these things. I thought I was pretty good too. But he threw that carburetor forty yards farther'n I did."

"Has he ever had to refund anyone's admission?" Valeria asked.

"Heck no, he hasn't. It's fun to watch folks try, but no one beats the hurl of Nate Grice."

This episode featured:
Judson Justice as Uncle Sal
Abbey Loney as Alice
Rex Wolfe as Giacomo
Lulu Sorenson as Valeria
Jellybean Merengue as the radio tuner.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "I'm serving up monkey wrench soup. Who wants a bowl?"

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