Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buckeyes 42, Wolverines 7

It was a slow start, but once the Buckeyes got rolling, that game was real fun to watch.

The Good
It took the offense a while to get going, but they made it worth the wait. Beanie's TD was awesome, and it came at a time when it looked like we were headed for a 3-0 game. The blocking on that play was real nice. It made me wonder where the offensive line had been up to that point. The touchdown drive at the beginning of the second half was flipping awesome. Two yards of more than 40 yards and a touchdown in less than a minute of play. I was kind of hoping Beanie would take that play all the way to the house, but Dan Herron's 49-yard TD run was pretty sweet. Brian Hartline had a real nice game for someone who has been invisible for a good part of the year. Speaking of invisible, it was good to see Ray Small reappear in this game with the long kick return. I am a big fan of Dane Sanzenbacher. I think he was the most consistent receiver all season.

When the defense allows only 7 points, it has done its part. Sheridan completed only one-third of his passes, and the Wolverines only went for 2.7 yards per carry. Dexter Larimore and Cameron Heyward each had a sack, and the defense forced a fumble. Overall, the defense allowed fewer than 200 yards. Any time that happens, the defense has had a solid performance. The defense was especially strong after TP's interception. To give UM the ball that close to the end zone, and to force them to come away with 0 points...that was awesome.

The Bad
It sure would be nice if the Buckeyes offense didn't begin every game sluggishly. The offensive line was doing TP no favors in the early part of the game. I was more than a little disgusted to see TP get sacked 3 times in the first quarter. When Mo Wells got in the game, he showed why he is the king of the run of 2 yards or fewer.

In the 2nd quarter, the defense seemed to take a little vacation. The defense seems to have at least one drive every game where it just vanishes. That certainly was the case on UM's one touchdown drive.

The Broadcast
I realize Bob Griese gets paid to talk, and sometimes he has to fill air time. However, he was the king of "If..." in this game. At the end of the first half, he said it would be a different game without the Buckeyes 2 big plays. Yeah, Bob. It would have been a different game if you took away the Buckeyes 2 first half touchdowns.

The Ugly
TP's interception was really bad. Maybe we've just gotten used to him looking like he's more experienced than a freshman. He really reminded us on that play that he is only a freshman.
I didn't like seeing Malcolm Jenkins get so wound up at the beginning of the game. Yes, it is the Michigan game, but you can't show the other team you can be baited like that.

Under the Radar Player of the Game
There are some good candidates for the award in this game, including Pryor. I know what you're thinking. How can the QB be the UtR player of the game? In this case, Pryor gets consideration because he made the tackle after his interception. Instead of getting 7 points, UM got nothing. You could pick Laurinaitis or Coleman, and that would be a good selection. However...the UtR player of the game is Jim Cordle. On Beanie's TD run, Cordle took out 2 guys with one block, and that was the play that got the Buckeyes going.

I was sincerely hoping that the Buckeyes would put 50 on the maize and blue, but I'll take a 35-point victory over those bums anytime.


neslagle said...

Thanks for the blogs - great as usual. My comments as posted on my web site:

Ohio State beat Michigan 42-7, the worst beating since 1968's 40-14 win. OSU has beaten Michigan 5 straight times, the first time either team has won 5 games in the series.
OSU was favored by probably a series high record 20.5 points.
OSU had only 13 first downs but 416 yards including 6 plays plays of 35+ yards plus an 80 yard punt return by Ray Small.
OSU held Michigan to 3 downs and out 10 times. Michigan leads the nation in 3 and out with 61.
Beanie Wells ran for 134 yards in 15 carries including a 59 yard TD run for a 7-0 lead and a 41 yard run in the 3rd quarter which was followed by a 51 yard TD run by Dan Herron.
Pryor was erratic is going 5 for 13 for 120 yards, 2 TD's and 1 INT. He rushed -7 yards in 8 attempts thanks to 3 sacks
Boeckman played two series in the 4th quarter going 3-3 for 64 yards and a TD in his final game in the Shoe.

NCAA Stats: Pryor QB ranking of 152.09 good for 17th nationally. Clark, Penn State next highest Big Ten QB at 21- 145.23. 109 QB had more than Pryor's 4 INT. Chris Wells is 24th at 1091 yards. OSU 105th passing at 148.1 yards per game. Michigan is 107th. OSU is 47th with 28.2 points per game. OSU is 26th in rushing yards per game at 191.6. OSU defense 7th allowing 13.1 points per game. USC 1st at 8.3. OSU defense 10th in yards per game at 279.3. OSU 7th least penalized team at 36.8 yards a game. Illinois 2nd, Minnesota 4th and Wisconsin 6th. Ray Small 7th nationally in punt return average yardage per return at 15.3 yards. OSU 6th best in turnover margin.

Gone with the Schwind said...

Great stats. Ten 3-and-outs forced by the defense is certainly noteworthy. It should be fun to see how TP is when he's actually allowed to throw the ball more than 15 times in a game.

Sean Filmore said...

Although the season maybe could have been better, a 10-2 co-Big 10 title and a beat down of Michigan is nothing to be disappointed about. Terrelle's INT was ugly but I would say that having him roll to the left and throw across his body isn't exactly an ideal play design. I think I have only read or heard one person say this and I think it should be screamed - I can only imagine what 3 full practice sessions (bowl, spring, fall) and a full year in the weight/film room will do for Terrelle. It could be downright frightening. I was very disappointed in how Griese and Flutie both criticized Tress for his handling of Boeckman. Terrelle went 8-1 as the starter with only 5 TO's - and really only 2 bad ones as 3 were deep, hail mary type passes. Pryor is truly special and Tress recognized he needed that talent on the field after Beanie went down. We don't beat Wisconsin without Pryor. The future is bright. I will selfishly be rooting for Oregon St this weekend so I can see my Bucks in my backyard on Jan 1 as we try and get the SEC monkey off our backs. GO BUCKS!

Gone with the Schwind said...

Terrelle is going to be something special. And I hope you're right. I hope the Buckeyes can get that SEC monkey off the back this year.

Sean Filmore said...

The future is extremely exciting. I think we have great young talent and you'll see a shift in how we play especially with Terrelle over the next few seasons. Plus, it could be worse. Call me crazy but when they show RichRod on the sidelines and in interviews, I get the strange feeling that I have seen this before. Like from 88-00 on the Columbus sidelines. I swear he reminds me exactly of John Cooper.