Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buckeyes 38, Hoosiers 10

Well, the Buckeyes are the new #1 team in the country. And wouldn't you know it, they will be tested immediately with a game in Madison. But let's get to the game against the Hoosiers first.
The Good
OK, so how many of you had Terrelle Pryor's stat line as 24/30 for 334 yards with 3 TDs? Ummm...neither did I. That was as good as we've ever seen him throw the ball. Credit not only to TP for making the throws, but also to the offensive line for giving him loads of time to find his receivers. Oh, and the line did a great job opening a hole on Boom Herron's 39-yard TD run. Seeing a lot of the reserve running backs was pretty good. Carlos Hyde and Jaamal Berry look like they are going to be solid backs.
The defense held Ben Chappel to 106 passing yards after he had approximately 800 yards passing against scUM. What's that? He only had 480 yards passing against scUM? Well, in any case the defense showed Chappell that he wasn't facing the Wolverines anymore. Altogether, the defense only allowed 210 yards, and that was with a lot of reserves on the field at the end of the game.
The Bad
OK, so TP looked great throwing the ball, but the Buckeyes showed once again that without Pryor, they don't have much of a running game. Herron had 39 yards on his first carry and finished with 68. Hyde and Berry had some good runs, but only once the game was well in hand. A running game usually comes in pretty handy against Wisconsin. Also, giving up 3 sacks to Indiana by halftime? No es bueno.
The Defense
Seriously, is there anything to put here? Let me know if I'm missing anything.
The Ugly
There wasn't really anything ugly with the offense yesterday, but I'd say we still don't have an answer to the question "Who will run the ball if TP doesn't?"
Two penalties in the fourth quarter for helmet-to-helmet contact. The first one was questionable at best and the second one was completely bogus. Last I checked, putting your helmet in a guy's chest isn't a penalty.
OK, so maybe I was a little out of order with my Schwinderjection about the Miami game.
Under the Radar player of the game
Can there be any debate about this? Sure, the offensive line gave up 3 sacks, and there were an abundance of 1- and 2-yard runs. However, on the plays were the Buckeyes scored, the offensive line did everything it needed to do. And if the QB throws for 334 yards, the offensive line is doing something right.

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