Saturday, July 2, 2011

Uncle Sal and the Brobdingnagian Birthday Bash (Episode 202)

Uncle Sal and Alice got in the line for food at Bevon Bacall's Brobdingnagian Birthday Bash. Just about everything in Bevon's backyard was adorned with a submarine decoration. Uncle Sal speared a whole dill pickle with a plastic toothpick as Alice asked, "How do you know this guy again?"

"He's in the Grackles."

"Isn't it kind of weird to have a theme? I mean, it's like a kid's birthday party. What's his deal with submarines?"

Uncle Sal adjusted his Do It To It trucker hat "Yeah, maybe it's a little weird. Bevon's always sayin' that you got enough things weighin' ya down and makin' ya feel old, so ya might as well do whatever ya can to make ya feel like a kid again."

Uncle Sal piled some pastrami and pickled onions onto a hamburger bun, then spread a thick layer of pale ale mustard on top of it.

"As for the subs, he was in the navy. He spends a lot of time making scale-model subs. He's got 'em all over his house."

Alice and Uncle Sal drew closer to the dessert table. Alice pointed at a dessert shaped like the Washington Monument and asked. "What's with all the gelatin desserts?"

"Oh that. It's the only kinda dessert I ever seen him eat. Every year for the birthday bash, he asks people to bring their favorite gelatin dessert. People get pretty creative with the molds they use and the ingredients they put into it. See this one here?" He pointed to a gelatin dessert that matched the theme of the party. The mold for that one was a gift from me and a bunch of the other Grackles. Custom-made of course, from a shatter-proof kinda plastic. As long as he don't lose it, he should have it a long time."

Alice looked appalled. "Really? That's what you got him for his birthday?"

"Yeah. Pretty great, ain't it? A bunch of us chipped in and we all give 'im a Jell-o® submarine."

This episode featured:
Wilbert "Wiggles" Wigginton as Uncle Sal
Beverly "Sweets" Sauer as Alice
Jellybean Merengue as the Washington Monument dessert.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Put on your camo cuz you gotta blend into nature."

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