Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buckeyes 21, Wolverines 10

Well, that game was:
a) thrilling
b) entertaining
c) adequate
d) as exciting as the average soccer game.

I don't necessarily want to be critical. After all, the Buckeyes just capped a 10-win Big Ten championship season with a win over the hated Wolverines. However, when you look at scUM's schedule only Western Michigan (7), Eastern Michigan (17), and Delaware State (6) scored fewer points against the maize and blue than Ohio State did. How's that for elite company? That was the sort of game that gets erased from memory as you're watching it.

And what are we to think of Tresselball? The whole point of this conservative style of play is to win the turnover battle and therefore win the game. The Buckeyes certainly won the turnover battle, but if your opponent turns the ball over 4 times more than you do, shouldn't you win by more than 11 points? In other words, what's the point of focusing so much energy on this when you only punt after forcing your opponent into a turnover?

The Good
Again, the running game was spectacular. Brandon Saine and Dan Herron both had a solid effort, as well they should have against such a poor defense. Terrelle Pryor had some excellent runs. And of course the success of the running game can be attributed to the offensive line doing its job.
Brian Rolle is THE MAN. He has to be the defensive MVP for the team this year, with Kurt Coleman running a close second. Coleman's 2nd interception was a very good and athletic play. I liked Thad Gibson's interception even better. He was just sitting there waiting for Forcier to throw it to him. Pretty sweet for a defensive lineman. Frankly, the defense did everything it was supposed to do. It limited UM's offensive output, forced 5 turnovers, and even scored a TD. It would have been real nice if the offense could have done more with those turnovers.

The Bad
Can you say the passing game was bad when it was so negligible? Certainly, Terrelle Pryor's interception falls into this category. It's tough to complete a pass when your wide receiver is carrying a DB on his back.
The Buckeyes are really going to have to learn about pass patterns that go beyond the first down marker. On the first 3rd down of the game, on 3rd and 8, the Buckeyes threw a 3-yard pass. Next, on 3rd and 5, they threw a 3-yard pass. And then, when the Buckeyes actually had a 3rd and 3, the play was a QB sweep. Brilliant.
I have to ask again, why is Brandon Saine being so limited? They seem to put a cap of 12 carries on him, even when he averages 7+ yards per carry.
I don't want to seem like I am singling out Chimdi Chekwa, but that guy just looks lost on the field. I don't even have a valid theory for what he was doing on scUM's one TD of the day.

The Ugly
Offense/Special Teams
9 punts? 9 punts? Are you kidding me? Against a team that had been giving up 28 points a game (and that includes the games against EMU, WMU, and Delaware State)? Just once, I would like to see the offense play a whole game. Why does the coaching staff feel the need to absolutely call off the dogs after the Buckeyes get a lead? I mean, a 7-point lead is pretty substantial with this defense, but it would be nice to think that the offense actually puts forth effort for the entire game, and I just don't get that feeling at all. Somehow, the Buckeyes manage to drag the rest of the Big Ten into this 1950s style offensive morass, but does anyone think it will be effective against a team like Oregon?

Under the Radar Player of the Game
Well, every one of the wide receivers was under the radar in this game. Rolle, Coleman, Gibson, and Ross Homah all had amazing games. However, since TDs were so rare, I have to give credit to someone on the offense as the UtR player of the game. And I will do just that. On Saine's TD, Jim Cordle sealed off the edge and allowed Saine to get down the sideline and into the end zone. Congrats to Cordle for being the UtR player of the game against scUM.


tthomp9737 said...

it appeared or sounded as if Saine got injured on one of his runs in the 2nd half because after they said that, I believe Herron handled the rest of the carries. With a little more touch and timing on the deep balls, Posey had the defense beat twice downfield. Perhaps if we did that more than twice a game, Pryor would get better at it.

Gone with the Schwind said...

I didn't know that about Saine. At least that makes some sense. As for the deep ball, you're right. Hard for TP to get any better at that when most of his throws go fewer than 7 yards.

neslagle said...

Guess we can' be too unhappy.
First time OSU has had 5 straight 10 win seasons.
First time OSU has won 6 straight vs Michigan
OSU Big Ten champ 5 straight times

My stat recap below:


Ohio State scored their 3rd fewest points this season in a 21-10 win over Michigan. The two games they scored less they lost. They rushed for over 225 yards for the 5th straight games but under 100 yards in passing for the 2nd straight game and todays 67 yards were a season low as was the 3.9 yards per attempt.

Herron rushed for 96 yards on 19 carries, Saine gained 84 yards on 12 carries and Pryor rushed for 74 yards on 19 carries. Michigan's leading rusher was V. Smith with 32 yards on 8 carries. For the season Pryor had 707 yards on 147 carries, Saine gained 694 on 131 carries and Herron rushed for
558 yards on 139 carries.

OSU had 4 interceptions, the first time Forcier had more than one in a game. OSU had at least 1 each game for a total of 22. Ex-Michigan QB, Mallett of Arkansas threw for 5 TD's today.

OSU two scoring drives were 80 and 89 yards. On those two drives OSU had 7 runs of 12+ yards ond one of 9. Pryor had 4 of those and Saine 3.

OSU has beaten Michigan 6 straight times for the first time in history. Michigan won 6 straight in the 1920's and 9 in a row
from 1901-09. No I don't remember that!

Michigan has consecutive losing seasons for the first time since 1962-3.

Ohio State head coaches Jim Tressel (football), Thad Matta (men's basketball) and Jim Foster, (women's basketball) are a combined 27-2 against Michigan teams during their tenure at Ohio State. Tressel is 8-1, Matta 9-1 and Foster 10-0.

Michigan came into the game averaging a Big Ten-best 31.2 per game. Ohio State held them to just 10 points

Ohio State came into the game averaging 5.8 three-and-outs per game and recorded seven more today. They have totaled 69 through 12 games.

Coleman tied for 11th in NCAA with interceptions and 11th in interception return yardage with 129. Homan tied for 37th in NCAA with 96 tackles.

Team defensive stats don't format correctly here. See link below for correct formatting: