Friday, November 20, 2009

Open letter to Buckeyes players and coaches

Dear Buckeyes,
I fully believe that you will wrap up another successful season by beating the Wolverines. After all, that is the true measuring stick of a successful season: a victory of Michigan. However, I feel I need to say this after getting to know this team's modus operandi. Specifically, when the Buckeyes get a lead, the offense has a tendency to go very conservative, and, I'll just say it, predictable. As I mentioned, I believe not only that the Buckeyes will win, but also that you will get an early lead on that team up north. It is clear that this team embraces the offense of Woody Hayes. I implore you to also embrace the philosophy of Woody Hayes. That is to say, if you have the chance to bury the Wolverines, you do it, and don't let up. Hang a loss on the Wolverines that would make Woody proud, especially if it means going for two late in the game with an already substantial lead.
Go Bucks! Beat the Blue!
Gary Schwind
Loyal Buckeye fan and alum.

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