Monday, November 16, 2009

Previewing The Game

I don't normally preview games, but I feel comfortable doing this one. When you look at this game, you have to realize that the Buckeyes could hang 50 on the maize and blue. UM gave up 33 points to Indiana. In the past 4 weeks, UM's opponents have scored 35, 38 (twice), and 45. In other words, the defense, already bad, has gotten worse. Good news, right? There is nothing stopping the Buckeyes from hanging half a hundred on the hated ones.
Only, if it does happen, 3 of the TDs will come from the defense. Here is how I see it. Ohio State will take an early lead, 7-0 or 10-0. Then the offense will run 21 consecutive running plays, resulting in at least a couple three-and-outs. Along the way, UM will manage to tie the game. At that point, maybe, just maybe, the Buckeyes will rediscover the forward pass and score a couple more times. In the 4th quarter, instead of getting some playing time for the reserves, TP will still be slinging 5-yard passes and handing off to whatever running back is averaging a roubst 3.5 yards per carry. In the end, thanks to the ultra-conservative gameplan, it's closer than it should be.

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