Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Cocked-Up Cafe (Episode 43)

Uncle Sal stood looking at the site of the Nouveau Nightclub and said, "Y'know, Giacomo, I bet this here nightculb came about because some wallflower got dragged to a nightclub one too many times. This here reminds me of a bidness a friend of mine started in Tacos, New Mexico. It all started with a hangover. See, my friend Kate likes to drink. I mean, who don't, right? Well, one time she wakes up with a hangover to stop an elephant."

Uncle Sal looked down and saw his beige and blue wingtips were untied. He bent down to tie them, then continued his story. "So Kate had this wicked hangover, right. One of them hangovers where the slightest move hurts. She stumbled down the street to the coffee shop and she was in such bad shape, she could barely see the menu. She figured she'd just get a cup of coffee. You know, that was sposta to be the hangover cure back then. Well, the woman behind the counter, she can see Kate's in bad shape. She tells Kate to sit down. She'll take care of the whole thing. That lady came back to Kate's table with some kinda witch's brew with a tea from Ceylon, some milk, pomegranate juice and who knows what else. Kate swears that five minutes after she drank that potion, her hangover was gone."

Uncle Sal kicked a pine cone that had fallen at his feet and said, "So, Kate, she decided this was too good an idea to pass up. She came up with a place that was a bar - The Hairy Eyeball - on one side and The Cocked-Up Cafe on the other. And she hired that woman to make her hangover cure in the cafe. Now people in Tacos can go out drinkin' and get their hangover cure before they even get into bed. All on account of the bad hangover Kate had, she started a successful business. Now she minds her teas and booze."

This episode featured:
Humbert Sciubba as Uncle Sal
Chance Hadley as Giacomo
Jellybean Merengue as the pine cone.

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "We're gettin' the band back together."

[1 June 2008]

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