Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Sal and the Old Alma Mater (Episode 15)

Uncle Sal watched his pinochle partner Joe lead with the nine of hearts. "Hey Sal, 'member when we was at Cotton University?"

Uncle Sal stared at his cards. "Course I do. You don't forget about the old alma mater."

"I wonder if Fuller's teaching still there. I..."

"Oh, Jane Fuller! Boy, I'll tell ya, she was a great teacher. I had her for a class called sexual behaviors. It was pretty progressive for a university to have a class like that when we was students there."


"My parents nearly went through the roof when I told 'em I was gonna take a class about sexual behavior. They told me they wasn't sendin' me to no university so I could learn naughty things like that. And boy, I'll tell ya, it did feel a little naughty at times, especially for an eighteen-year-old kid."


"And if there was ever any person that should have taught a sexual behavior class, it was Jane Fuller. Course, back then, the best you could do was to see some leg, but with her that was enough. Her legs went on for days, and she always wore a skirt. Even when it was cold outside, she wouldn't cover up them legs. God bless her for that."


"That was by far the best class I ever took at any school. Some of the best stuff I ever learned in my life came in the classroom with Jane Fuller. I reckon she mighta been able to teach me a few things outside of class, too, if ya catch my meanin'."


"What? What's the matter with you? A bug fly up your nose?"

"No. I wasn't talking about Jane Fuller, or your sex class. I'm talking about Edward Fuller. He taught me the principles of accounting."

"Accounting? Well, that's a course of a different Fuller."

This episode featured
Eustace Perkins as Joe
Norberto Allred as Uncle Sal
Jellybean Merengue as the 9 of diamonds

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "Is that a real poncho?"

[13 November 2007]

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